Friday, December 21, 2007

Our little crossdresser

The young marrieds bible study had our traditional Christmas party last night. Unbelievably I think we were about 17 couples strong... and a few couples had to miss it! We have 2 groups but we may need to reorganize and split again! Babies were the theme this year since at this time last year Kristen was the only one pregnant and she was only 4 months! Now we have Ava Grace, Chase and Lilyanna among us and Anna Stuart is on her way!

Close the start of the evening Chase spit up on his shirt and upon changing his diaper we discovered that he 'leaked through' onto his pants... so we switched outfits... a cute little sleeper outfit, which about 10 minutes later he annihilated with some extreme spitting up... so now we are down to a onesie. I honestly thought I had enough clothes... go figure. The onesie, while cute, was not enough coverage, his little legs were chilly. So beautiful and gracious Lilyana lent Chase one of her sleepers... hence our little crossdresser!

Diane picked a very gender neutral one but Adam and I are still enjoying the fact that Chase is technically a crossdresser. We are such great parents!

Thank you Diane and Lily!


Di said...

HAHAHA! You're quite welcome!!!

kathi said...

So funny, and CUTE!! Charlie was a spitter, geeze. When the nurse brought him into my room after I'd had him, she told us he was a spitter. ??? Had no idea what that meant. Learned quickly, though. He made Linda Blair look like an amateur.