Wednesday, May 13, 2009

National Zoo

Today we (and by we I mean all 'the moms') decided to venture down to DC and visit the national zoo. All told we had 8 adults and 10 kids... what an adventure.

At the entrance (a zoo in and of itself!)

Katy and Anna, Kari and Lexi, Dannette and Jenna, Laura, Bella and Adam, Jessica and Adrianna, Chase and I and Danielle, Abby and Ethan (who unfortunately got cut off on my pic!)

We met up with Laura, Aiden and Laura's sister Jessica (if anyone is counting, that is 3 Jessica's in one trip... welcome to every class I was ever in!)

Chase pointing at the elephants.

He was enamored by them... kept finding other ones to point to.

While the animals were cool... this is what captivated Chase...

He was jumping up and down saying "tacktore, tacktore". I think this might have been his favorite exhibit.

Such a sense of amazement in their eyes.

My boy and I.

For 15 glorious minutes I had sleeping stroller baby.

He woke up for the Metro ride home but ended up like this for the car ride home...

I guess I should mention that we carpooled down to the Metro stop (it's about an hour away) and Danielle, Abby and Ethan rode with us!

Just plum tuckered out. Right after the season finale of LOST... it's my turn... for now where's my ice cream??


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Too cute! I love it when they get all that fresh air and just conk out! Looks like a very fun day.

Anonymous said...

I see this is very adventurous! With this many moms and little ones. It must have been an awesome day for all!! I want to take Minhae to the national zoo before it gets too hot but sometimes get scared even with the thought that Minhae will be traveling all day. Looks like it was a fun day for Chase. I love the shot that Chase pointing at teh elephant.

Johnnie Avocado said...

The pic of the kids all sleeping or "passes out" is hysterical. I work right by the zoo...awesome place.

chocolate hug said...

That last picture is a keeper! Made me laugh so hard!

Glad a good time was had by all.


kathi said...

I'm not all...:) but you have a CUTE kid!! I'm also jealous of all the friends you have. I know you are aware, but girl, you are SO blessed!

dkamfam said...

It was a fun, tiring day. Such a great outing.