Saturday, May 30, 2009


We have a houseguest!!! Lexi is staying with us today and tomorrow while her parents get a well deserved night away at a bed and breakfast.

These pop up tents = best investment EVER.

Water break!

Daddy 'supervising' play time while mommy makes lunch!

While Lexi was playing her bow came off and this is where it ended up...

He looks pretty with a bow!


this probably won't help with being called a girl.

BTW... Lexi's good habits are rubbing off on Chase... those are carrots he is eating!!! And he ate at least 9 of them! Woot!

Here is the most excellent veggie eater!

Seriously, you have to hide the veggies until she eats her other food!

Currently Adam and I are playing on our computers while the babies are napping... quiet is good ;~)

Once they are up and ready to go we are going to scope out some of the local fresh fruit stands and see what we can find. Maybe hit a park on the way home!


chocolate hug said...

Sounds like you guys had a great day! How nice of you to help out.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Those are two adorable toddlers! And you're right - those tents are worth every penny. :-)

Ebeling Family said...

oh, what fun!
yeah, the bow probably won't help with chase looking girly- however, he IS wearing a "boy" shirt....
Hope your night goes well, too!

Mandy said...

Looks like it went well. LOVE the picture of Adam, lol!

Anonymous said...

Love the boys' pictures with a bow... lol
You make everything fun for babies. I wish I have a friend like you near my house!!