Friday, May 01, 2009

Our new toy!

For the past few weeks I have been going back and forth about getting a big toy for outside... a play yard, a pool, a sand box... the possibilities were endless! If I could I would buy every single one but alas, money does not abound. So I struggled with which one to settle on.

Then I got an email from Christine. The subject line read "What to do on a hot April day" and the message was pictures of her son playing at this awesome sand and water table. Seriously, it was a mess beyond belief but the kind where you know a LOT of fun was just had there. She, being a good friend, gave me the skinny on where to find it and after a quick trip to Chambersburg PA, we are the proud owners of the Transportation Station!

All the boys get in on opening the box.

A good shot of the whole table. We just played with water this afternoon because we didn't have sand yet (although now we do! Just wait until the next nice day!)

Chase was having so much fun exploring the different aspects of the table.

Then daddy started a water fight and things really got smiley then!

Soaked from chest to toes but worth it.

Seriously, expect a LOT more pictures with this table in the foreground!

PS: If you are a 'friend' of mine on Facebook... I uploaded pictures of the new house! Log on and check it out!

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SissyKristin said...

okay that table ROCKS! can't wait for more pics this summer. How fun! *LOVED* the house tour on FB. You guys decorated so cute and homey!! SO happy for your family!