Thursday, May 07, 2009

Worth the $5

I have been wanting to get back into yoga for awhile but either couldn't find the right place or was too lazy busy with life to try.

I finally stopped being lazy made time for myself and found a new place to try.

Background - About 7 months ago I went to one class at the Y when we were members. It was in a large gym room with at least 25 other people and it reeked of sweat from the Zumba class directly before. Let's just say that it wasn't the ideal conditions for me to breathe deeply and center myself.

Fast forward to today.

I get there and there is a tranquility fountain in the foyer... oh this is going to be good. There is a designated yoga room with lovely painted walls, wall hangings and soft contemporary music playing in the background. I have found peace and thy name is Padma Yoga. It was challenging... especially considering I haven't done yoga since before I got pregnant with Chase. Oh well there was that prenatal yoga DVD that I bought... anyone want to wager a guess as to how many times I used that! Anyway, I was definitely sweating half way through, which to me is a good sign of 1. my ability to push myself and 2. the teachers ability to push me.

The best part... it was $5! She has 2 classes for $5... this one and a hot yoga on Sat mornings... which I would totally do (shout out Christine and Rose!) but Sat mornings are family time and I can't see being away from hubby and Chase.

Which leads me to another best part... where was Chase while I was centering myself? With Grandma! What's the use of moving closer to family if you can't take advantage allow quality time with the grandparents! Chase sent me off with a "Buh Bye" and didn't look back. Had the best time with Grandma... digging and playing in the backyard.

Trucks and dirt... you don't get anymore boy than that.

Good yoga, great babysitter... I think this Thursday routine will work out just fine!


Mandy said...

I took my first ever yoga class when I was 6 months pregnant with Sadie. You can imagine how graceful I was. I sooo wish I had pictures, lol!

A day of yoga with no baby sounds heavenly. Not as heavenly as a heavy lunch and shopping without a baby, but still pretty nice. I'd take it.

Anonymous said...

I did prenatal yoga and loved it. I saw there is a yoga class at the same center for mom and baby together and haven't tried yet. This sounds so great. I hope you enjoy time for yourself too!

Johnnie Avocado said...

Sweetie loves doing think it's great for you guys....buh bye.....too funny.

dkamfam said...

So glad you liked it. And so glad you could allow grandma so one-on-one quality time while doing it! Good for everybody!