Saturday, May 02, 2009

Fun day in Hagerstown

Whew... I am exhausted! The good kind of exhausted though... where you know you spent the day right.

Chase has taken to waking early the past few days because of *ahem* diaper issues... which means we start the days fairly early.

We got up and made waffles for breakfast... yummy carb loading! Then we decided to check out the carnival at Robinwood. Basically it was a couple moon bounces, pony rides and a whole slew of games... pretty fun and basically free. Chase didn't partake in the moon bounce because 1. he doesn't particularly like them and 2. his parents were extremely frightening that he would be stepped on by other children.

We did do the pony ride though. Chase got to ride Miss Jenny... the smallest of the small ponies. He was a bit more hesitant this time but we encouraged him to keep riding and he ended up having a good time.

Here is what we did most of the time...

run around and happily face plant in the grass. You couldn't wipe that grin off if you tried... but who would want to?

Then we headed over to the mall for Washington County Reading Day. They had all sorts of fun things like storytellers, a costume parade and a magician. They were also giving away 3 free books to every child!

We got the large version of Moo, Baa, La La La. We have the smaller one but it shows wreckage from the early days when Chase thought books were meant to be eaten. We also got Dear Zoo which is a flap book. Chase has Where is Spot which he loves tremendously so we figured 2 flap books are better than 1. Lastly we got Goodnight Moon. I have been wanting this book for awhile now but just haven't gotten around to getting it! YAY! Free books are always welcome at our house! Especially now... Chase is on a real reading kick these days. He brings me book after book after book and very insistently points to it... he will not stop until you start reading. Oh and if you stop before he is done... heaven help you.

After the mall we all came home and crashed... mommies and daddies need naps just as much as the baby sometimes!

After nap Chase and I went to my MIL's house to do a little 3day training. The 3 of us (Chase, MIL and I) ended up walking 2.5 miles which I am happy with but really want to exceed soon. The trouble is the stroller I use... it's extremely hard to push when it comes to aerobic exercise. It tires me out faster than the actual training. I actually just purchased a jogging stroller and cannot wait until it gets here! I think as soon as I start using that, training will be a lot easier.

While we were training, Adam stayed home and mowed the lawn. Ha... we are quasi homeowners now! Too weird. Anyway, Adam did a great job mowing and weed whacking the yard... it looks fantastic. Even better... he dug up some area around the deck and we are going to plant a few veggies out there! It's going to be so much fun... perhaps a project for next weekend.

As I was comforting Chase tonight (he's been having a rough time falling asleep the past week) I was thinking about the space we are living in. It's larger than anywhere we have lived (as a married couple ;~). It has the rooms we need. It has a yard and a lovely deck. It really is a beautiful home.

As I was thinking about all this I was overcome with gratitude. I am honestly amazed at God's plan and how He brought us to this place. I am amazed at how generous Joe, Nick and Mary are... allowing us to live here for this time. When I think back to living in the In-Law suite... how we weren't sure where we would go next or how long it would take. Wondering and lamenting about the future... and then this opportunity arose... out of no where and something we couldn't even begin to fathom. Well it just gives me a renewed sense of hope for the future. I tend to worry less about the future because I know God has a plan... and try as I might, I will most likely not figure it out until I am smack dab in the middle of it. And I am ok with that. I am happy knowing that God holds our future and all I have to do now is be a wife, be a mom, do my best and above serve God to the best of my ability. I think I can handle that.


TortfeasorG said...

for the record, i commented, IRL.

Johnnie Avocado said...

awesome time....did chase have to talk like Forest Gump when riding Miss Jen-nay!

Carrie and Scott said...

i wanna ride a pony! How much fun. and I thought hand feeding a horse was a fun time. boy is Tyler deprived!

Samantha said...

Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog, you've got that right. They did post anonymously. I think deleting it might have shown the person that it hit a nerve...though the post probably did that too. But it was cruel.

Goodnight Moon is the best of the best! I work as the children's supervisor of a book store and my story times always go down a storm when I finish with Goodnight Moon. Well that or A Mommy For Owen!

Anonymous said...

Wow, such fun! Goodnight Moon became Minhae's most favorite night time book recently. It is funny how they change their taste of, books, and even clothes! I love the photo Chase is riding a pony. :-)