Thursday, May 01, 2008

Disapproving looks

So I bought 2 packages of gdiapers from a local natural market store and as we all know... I will not be using the gdiapers until they fix some issues I have with them. So, I of course wanted to return them and get my money back. I was dreading this... thinking that I would get the raised eyebrow 'couldn't hack it, huh' look from the cashier. I was wrong... the cashier was utterly clueless when it came to returns so the manager came over... he gave me the raised eyebrow 'couldn't hack it' look.

- "What was wrong with these?"
- "They don't work".
- "Hmmm, I will have to call the manufacturer."... "You are the first one to return these
because they didn't work"
- what I was thinking "Fantastic holier than thou, do I get a prize?"
- what I said "Really? Because they didn't hold any poo and they backed up my

- "Did you use the swish stick?"
- what I thought "Duuhhh, no, I wish I would have thought to read the
die-reck-shions before I went flushing random pieces of diaper down my toilet."

- what I said "Yes"

Uncomfortable silence.

- "Ok, you are all done"
- "Thank you, have a great day."

At some point I said something like I will keep looking for an alternative.

- So he says "Cloth diapers..."
- Politely I respond "No"
- He says "My mom did..." (please say this with an air of condescension in your voice)
- what I thought "Really, did she... she must be a saint to put up with all the poop
you produced as a child. Will she be canonized soon? She is definitely a better
human than I am. I should take notes... do you think she will let me study at
her feet on how to be a good mother and good to mother earth?"

- I didn't respond.. just smiled and left.


TortfeasorG said...


Did you use the swish stick!

He's just lucky you didn't try to return the ones we actually used!

Nick & Rose said...

HAHAHA! You both crack me up! Um...what's a swish stick?

kathi said...

LOL, love your 'private' conversations!