Monday, April 28, 2008

When hippie goes wrong

gdiapers... let me take a sit back and take a deep breath. I will start by saying, I am trying. I am really trying to leave Chase with a better world then the direction it's headed now. However, what is a better world worth if his mom goes insane in the process? Yeah, that's about how things went today.

First let me say, carrots do not like my son and he is NOT so fond of them. He has been gassy and uncomfortable for the past 2 days... "waking in the middle of the night with painful gas" uncomfortable... I really feel for the little guy. I say all that to say... today, he is much happier... if you get my drift. Without being too graphic, all that was making him sad is (hopefully) now out of him. Which leads us back to hippie gone wrong.

The gdiaper. It did very little to contain Chase's 'relief'. And when I say very little I mean grown men were weeping, women were howling and young children were running in fear. Now, I actually expected this because yesterdays 'relief' (albeit smaller) wasn't contained either... although the clean up was much easier. Today's... well I already said... men, women and children... the whole nine yards. So I clean up the baby and set out to dispose of the diaper. First step, tear and put a certain part in the toilet to flush, then while it's flushing add the last part. Great in theory... sucks in practice. We have done this a few times so far but this time... yeah, not so much. And no amount of plunging worked so that was left for daddy when he got home. I still had to deal with a crappy liner and crabby baby.

I like the idea of the gdiaper but there are 2 problems I have with the execution of it.
1. the 'relief' is not contained. You might say 2 dirty diapers is not enough to really gage the effectiveness but you do it twice and tell me if you want to try again.
2. flushable... I am not convinced. Maybe our toilet is weak but I gotta think our toilet is probably the mainstream commode... I am sure there are higher and lower models but if we are the average, shouldn't it be able to handle the diaper? Could be too much to ask, I realize this.

Here's the thing... if it were just the commode problem, I could deal. I would buy biodegradable trash bags and they would degrade in the landfill. But it isn't just the commode... it's the 'relief' too and that, that I can't handle. As much as I hate to admit, I don't think I will continue using the gdiapers. It's really a shame because look how cute his little butt is in the gdiaper.


kathi said...

Sorry about the diaper...ewwww, brings back way too many memories! But I've got to tell you, Chase is about the cutest thing I've ever seen...other than my two, lol.

LoveLladro said...

thanks! I think so as well. sometimes I feel like I am going to burst he is so cute!

Paul said...

Well, perhaps you can spray paint his regular diapers orange. He is the cutest...


chocolate hug said...

Ug, saving the environment is a great goal but if you have had such a bad run in with these diapers, you're right, it's not good for you to be run down. I looked into cloth diaper services, unfortunately they charge about a dollar a diaper. If you have the extra cash, that may be the route to go...Thankfully babies use less diapers the older they get.

I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with those gdiapers, they sounded like such a good idea!


The Townleys said...

So...using the word 'relief' doesn't make it any cuter. I'm just sayin'. :-)

LoveLladro said...

dad - ok, totally cracked up at that comment. thanks for the laugh

diana - in theory they were great, in practice... ehhh, not so much. i say lets work on a potion that disintegrates diapers with a drop... we'd make millions and save the universe!

townley's - it's a lot better than describing it... trust me, NO ONE wants that!

Carrie and Scott said...

i love the honesty...I was waiting patiently for your take on the whole gdiaper thing. sorry about the carrots! Chase should be a baby model! Tyler is not photogenic AT ALL!