Sunday, May 11, 2008

First Mother's Day

So my first Mother's Day is coming to a close and I couldn't be happier. It was such a wonderful day... I really couldn't have asked for anything better.

It started when I went to get coffee... next to my mug was a card from Adam and Chase and in the card was a gift certificate for a photography session with Kim Flores. Some of you that bounce between the Townley's and our website may recognize the name... she just did some photography for them and the pictures turned out amazing! The moment I saw the work she did for the Townley's I was interested in having her do some photography for us. Apparently Adam felt the same way, he called her that day! I am absolutely elated and cannot wait for the appointment!

After coffee we got ready to head to church for the baby dedication. Chase was running on absolutely no sleep when we got to church and I really thought we would have a screaming hellion on our hands. Not in the least. He made it through the worship and being up on stage (with 13 our couples and their babies!) while we dedicated him to the Lord. When we sat back down, my little angel fell asleep in my arms and slept through the whole service. Don't let him fool you though.... the service was awesome. I love hearing Greg speak and this morning he spoke of a virtuous Abigail from I Samuel 25. I was utterly spellbound by his sermon.

We had a reception after service where they took a family portrait... which I can't wait to see... I think it turned out really well!

After the reception we went home to relax... well mom and dad relaxed and Chase napped! After he woke up we headed to the Mallare's for a Mother's Day picnic with the other small group parents. It was really great to spend time with other parents... we compared notes and talked about what each baby was currently doing, or on the verge of doing (Lily is going to be crawling soon, she pivots like a champ!) We spent a good long time there before melt downs started to occur and then everyone split.

We came home and promptly put a tired Chase to sleep... which he proceeded to do for the next 2 hours and 45 minutes! Which allowed mommy and daddy to crash out on the couch and get some needed rest! A family nap session if you will ;~) Even Riley was behaved, he just curled up on his bed!

Chase woke up and Adam and I had dinner... yummy Brazilian Black Bean soup (which Ali, if you are reading this... I LOVE YOU... that soup is a staple in our meal plans!). We played with Chase for awhile and marveled at how awesome he is. Then bath, stories and bed time and the house is silent again (knock on wood ;~).

It has been damp all day and at least for the last half of the day it's been raining... but it's a soft rain that doesn't require you shut the door. So for the last 6 hours or so we have had the rain as background noise... it's just beautiful.

The only way this day could have been more perfect was if my mom were here to share it with me. I wish with all my heart she could have been but I know we live in a fallen world and sometimes you are just dealt a raw deal. As I learned from Abigail this morning... my attitude doesn't have to depend on my surroundings... what I do and don't have. My attitude should only depend on God's love for me and serving him to the best of my ability. I tried to take that approach today. I allowed myself to be a little sad and I did tear up at church just before we went up on stage but then I made the conscious decision to be ok. And it worked. I looked at what I have... a wonderful amazing husband who went out of his way to make this day special for me, a beautiful healthy baby boy and friends and family that care a great deal for me. It's really ok, life is really good.

Here are a few pictures from this weekend...

If that isn't an Adam face I don't know what is... I swear you could take 40 pictures in a row and get a different expression on each picture!

Is this thing on?

Babies everywhere! L-R... Ava, Lily and Chase

Kristen and Ava (10.5 months), Chase and I (6.5 months), Diane and Lily (6.5 months) and Jen and Ethan (2 months).

I love this picture but what I love more was the taking of the picture which I wish we had on video. Picture 4 parents on the other side of the camera making the goofiest faces, saying the silliest things and creating the biggest ruckus to elicit these smiles. It was absolutely hysterical!

A shout out to my other first time mommy friends out there:
Danielle and Anna (2 months)
C and Scooter (1.5 months)
Diana and Lola (1 year today!)
Diana and Sam (1 year)
Carrie and Tyler (5 months)
April and Dante (8.5 months)

And to all the veteran mommies out there... thank you for all that you do! Where would the world be without moms!


Anonymous said...

Jess- I'm so glad you had a good mother's day! I was thinking about you and sending you good thoughts. We need to get together soon. Love ya- Jaime

Vicki said...

I was delighted to hear of such a great day, but sad to miss Chase's dedication ceremony! I would've loved to have been there...but as it turns out, we were at the shore with MY mother. Give him a big hug for me!!!

kathi said...

I love this kid! He's got the best expressions, sign of genius I'm tellin' ya. :)
So glad you had a good Mom's Day. Your mom wouldn't have wanted it any other way but to have been blessed.

I want the recipe for the soup, please. Charlie and I eat a lot of black bean soup, usually Amy's brand (which is vegetarian).

Happy belated, hon. Your sweet family is a blessing in my life.

Michelle said...

It sounds like you had an amazing first Mother's Day. Can't wait to see how you pictures turn out from the professional shoot.

LoveLladro said...

Jaime - I was thinking about you too! We definitely need to get together!

Vicki - I would have loved for you to be there as well... we figured everyone would have plans though! I hope you had a great Mother's Day yourself!

Kathi - I agree with you... definite genius!

Michelle - I can't wait to post them! The shoot should be this Sunday... if the weather is ok!

April said...

Thanks for the shout out! I miss you guys. I guess you heard we are moving to FL. Hope things are going well. Chase looks great!