Friday, May 09, 2008


Actually make that first teeth! The 2 bottom ones popped up overnight! He seems to be doing ok with them... no real mood changes or sleeping changes... thank goodness! We took pictures (of course) but I will spare you... just a gummy slobbering mouth with translucent colored almost invisible teeth ;~)

Today also marks the end of our week with Anna... here are a few pictures...

Tuesday - Chase would just look at her and squeal over and over again.

Wednesday - Mommy/Aunt Jessi entertaining babies.

Thursday - Again, Chase just LOVES looking at Anna.

Friday - Did you keen observers notice another baby?? No I didn't take leave of my senses and add another baby to my growing daycare... Ethan's mommy came with him for a visit (and she brought me lunch, YAY! Thanks again Jen!).

Ethan and his mommy Jenn... doesn't he look so peaceful?

Mother's Day is coming up and I really want to be looking forward to it... first one and all but I am having a really hard time with missing my mom. If you think about it... please pray for me. I really want to enjoy my first Mother's Day and I am trying hard but I really, really miss her lately.

On Sunday we have a baby dedication at our church where Adam and I are 1. dedicating Chase to the Lord and 2. dedicating ourselves to raising him in Christ's image. I am super excited about that. Also, the new parents in our bible study (and the 2 soon to be new parents) are getting together for a BYOP at Jason and Diane's house. This is all our first Mother's Day... from Kristen on down the line so we are celebrating together... Pat and Kristen, Adam and I, Jason and Diane, Rob and Danielle, Brian and Jenn, Tiny and Zach and Jason and Sylvia. It should be a lot of fun!

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kathi said...

How sweet is he, just sitting looking at her? What a sweetie. Such a big boy, sitting up with teeth and saying Dada! I'm so glad you're getting it all on film.
Wish the pics would enlarge for me, though...I need bigger pictures, lol.