Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Life with 2 babies

So life is pretty busy most of the time with 2 babies... it's really about the juggling when they are both awake. One needs to breastfeed while the other needs to bottle feed... and it always seems to be at the same time. I don't know how they do that other than conspiring against me when I am not looking ;~)

Currently they are both sleeping... Chase in his crib and Anna in the swing next to me... the quiet is nice!

The daycare actually has a space available for Anna starting next week which I think is perfect. I originally thought watching Anna would be no problem (we even discussed this as a FT option before either baby was born... GACK!) but more and more I am glad we went in another direction. I still think it would be perfect... IF neither of the babies were mine. At the end of the day, Anna goes home but I am still on call for all of Chase's needs (I know, I know, welcome to motherhood)... my point being 2 babies aren't a big deal if you can say goodbye to both at the end of the day and then relax. Apparently with motherhood there is no relaxing ;~)

I think God really knew what he was doing when He orchestrated this week. We got to test it out and know for certainty that this was not a good idea for a FT solution. On the flip side Danielle got to leave Anna with me for the first week... kind of a buffer to the real transition to daycare. Oh and God knew to make this only 1 week instead of the original 3... I think I might need to be institutionalized at the end of 3 weeks. Not only am I on call for 2 needs machines but I don't get out of the house at all during the day... yeah, that's just too much ;~)

Ok, I am off to get something done while they are both quiet... love the sound!


Michelle said...

Yep, keeping someone else's baby can be quite a huge challenge when you have an infant of your own. Makes you appreciate those mothers out that who have multiples even more.

That is so great of you to offer to watch Anna Stuart, I'm sure her parents are thankful for such an awesome friend.

chocolate hug said...

I was wondering how you'd do when you first said it would be three weeks. When Sam was about six months I helped out my cousin by watching her nine month old and two year old for the morning...oh my! It was really challenging. I think the worst part was they both weren't walking and I had no idea how to read Jasper's (the nine month old's) needs. I new my own child, but someone else's baby, a total mystery. If Anna and Chase were older I don't think it would be as much as a challenging...but holding two babies at once to feed is tough!

What a blessing you are able to help out. I'm sure your friends would do the same for you if you needed. Blessings one the rest of your week!


The Townleys said...

Yeah you guys pretty much are life savers! It's been such a good transition to be able to go from home to next door before going to day care. If you need to be institutionalized, we'll visit often! (ha...ha) :-) Thanks again, jess!