Saturday, May 03, 2008

Happenings from Htown

We are in Hagerstown visiting the family this weekend. We are celebrating Mother's Day a week early since the baby dedication is next week and we will be home in Crofton. For such a short weekend, a lot has gone on.

Another convert! It finally happened... after years of high pressure sales and teasing, Sandy and Joe have gone Mac... and I guarantee they won't go back! Congrats and welcome to the club!

Chase enjoys being tossed in the air and daddy is happy to oblige.

Daddy and mini-me sitting in the same pose.

Mother and son... wow, I am a mom. Still feels weird to say that!

Daddy taking some artistic shots... if lawyering doesn't work out he always has a career in the arts!

Chilling with Grandma and Grandpa.

Chase's first time in a high chair! He ate his dinner right along with us... although all he got was sweet potatoes and apples!

Well he did get a bit of ice cream for dessert! This will become a tradition when visiting Grandma and Grandpa... Maugansville Creamery for ice cream! Heck, I will probably ask for ice cream before Chase gets a chance... mama likes her sweets!


Nick & Rose said...

LOVE the photos! Jessi - You are SO beautiful as a mommy. Happy early Mother's Day!

chocolate hug said...

I had to laugh about the Mac picture. We totally love our new iMac, especially now that I have my AWESOME CAMERA!

Lovely photos of you and Chase. I'm happy Nick likes my camera, he's always willing to snap a few of me and Sam...otherwise no one would be able to tell from the photos that Sam has a mother!

kathi said...

Great pictures! This kid, so cute! Love the two with you and Adam in them. Great framing pictures!