Friday, May 02, 2008

First Word

I am pretty sure Chase is a genius.

Yep... total genius.


Michelle said...

Oh, I loved being able to hear his sweet voice. There's not many things that can make me smile faster than hearing a baby learning how to talk.

But on the flip side when they turn 2 and start to scream "no", it's not quite as cute anymore. :)

chocolate hug said...

Oh what a wonderful sound a babies babbling is! It made me smile..the whole video...I may just watch it again! I am going to miss Sam's babbling..he likes to click with his tongue too!

Taegs said...

ok. Chase is just too cute. But I have to say...I was rather distracted by the flashing blue & red lights out your window & the sirens blaring in the background. What was going on??

KiKi said...

This is candace amy's niece you prabably don't remember me but I remember saying that you looked just like sporty spice when I was younger. I can't believe you had a baby! He is adorable. Check out my blog one time.

LoveLladro said...

michelle - isn't it the greatest sound? instantly makes me smile!

diana - adam and i laugh at that tongue clicking thing... so funny! i have watched this video 20 times already!

taeg - i was wondering when someone would comment on that... our neighbor went into a diabetic shock... we haven't spoken to them yet, we only know because Danielle has a friend in the fire department and they gave her the low down on what was going on. we are praying that everything is alright with them ;~)

kiki - i totally remember you! i can't believe how grown up you are... ok, that totally shows my age. anyway, i checked out your blog... very cool! i will be stopping in regularly!

kathi said...

Oh my goodness....I've been mia for a week or so and can't believe what I've missed! I loved this video, how precious! Da da da da da.... I love watching him grow up on here, thank you so much!