Monday, August 11, 2008

30 and heading west

Our going away party was yesterday and it was a blast! It was so nice to see everyone... I just wish I had more time to talk! I felt like I only got quick little snippets! Chase did ok... he was a little upset at the amount of people (not quite the social butterfly yet) but even at his worst, he is still a pleasant baby... and his girlfriend came so that made him smile!

This post will be picture heavy because... well that's what the G's do! Ironically, I am only slightly in one picture! I try to get in more of them but I am the one doing the taking and it never really works out that I get in them!

Possibly my favorite dish that we served... Caprese Salad Kabobs with a pine nut pesto! I could have eaten the whole plate!

The whole spread... it was pretty yummy!

The Townleys and the Bunns!

Laura being the babywhisperer... they just flock to her!

Nick, Rose, Rob and Anna

My food guru Ali and hubby Craig... smart guy for marrying such a good cook. She supplied me with many of the recipes we used!

Jenn and Ethan having some QT with Adam and Chase.

Jaime and Craig... just one more month before Jackson makes his arrival!

Colleen and Jenn... Colleen has about 3 more weeks before Alex makes his arrival!

Sylvia, Ava and Kristen... Unbelievably, Ava is 14 months now... walking everywhere and being incredibly social! And Sylvia has about 2 more months before baby girl Charlie makes her arrival!

Uncle Paco (aka Craig) playing keep away with Chase!

Adam and Zach

Chase is very happy now that his girl Ava is here!

For anyone keeping track... that is 4 babies and 3 pregnant girls at the party! That doesn't even include the babies that couldn't make it.... Scooter was napping (although mommy made it!) and Lily who was out of town with the rents!

I have to say that is what I will miss most about this area... all of these friends/play dates for Chase (and me!). It makes me sad that Chase won't grow up in the thick of all these kids!

Now that the party is over... it's all out packing from here until the 23rd! Wish us luck!


Caleb and Adrienne said...

Thanks for the comment!

My husband works every other the week-ends that he works, I feel like either a single mom or a stay at home mom for a time. All I have to say is " DO you do it??" I know that the daycare ladies can see it in my eyes when I drop Ben off on Mondays- they read, "Please take my child from me!" =0)

All that to say that I know it must be tough and you are doing a wonderful job! You'll get the whole sleeping thing down....and if you don't, you'll manage one way or another. Either way, you will never be able to take away the experience that Chase has had in having his mom stay home with him!!


Johnnie Avocado said...

Awesome party...I wish we had that many friends....can we rent them for parties?

chocolate hug said...

I have some fresh pesto sitting in my fridge...what a great idea for an appetizer!

No worries, if you are desperate enough for other young mothers, you will find some. I'm the only mom in my group of friends so far (but we'll have three babies on the scene by christmas!) so I am involved in a mother's Bible Study at a different church. I just love the ladies and the interaction with other young children is GREAT for Sam!

blessings as you pack!


kathi said...

Well, it breaks my heart you're going to leave all of this, too. I know it's gotta be so hard for you three. :)
I don't think distance is going to be a huge factor, though, in the friendships here and I believe y'all will always find time for each other and to get together. Plus, there is the fact that people tend to have babies around you...just sayin'.

Nick & Rose said...

I have a few pictures of you from the party! I'll upload them and send tonight. :) I'm still craving that pesto - YUM.
You are so much fun to be around and such a good person/friend/mom, I'm sure you'll have lots of H-town friends soon. I'm sure Chase will find lots more girlfriends, too!
Besides, Hagerstown isn't THAT much further than Crofton...

LoveLladro said...

Adrienne - thank you so much for the kind words... I have to keep telling myself that I am trying my best and that is what he needs ;~)

johnnie - you can rent them but the are VERY expensive.

ch - it is the best and yummiest appetizer ever! i know i will definitely meet people out there... especially with all the plans i have... i will just really miss these people!

kathi - i hope your right... i hope the distance won't make a big difference.

rose - i totally want to see the pictures! and you know chase will have some girlfriends... although there will always be a special place in his heart for Ava ;~)

Di said...

sorry we missed it! we would have loved to have come!!! happy belated birthday too!!!

Di said...

whoops, happy early birthday!

LoveLladro said...

di - we were sad you couldn't make it either... the baby circle wasn't complete without lily!