Sunday, August 17, 2008


I was in line at the bank with my mother in law. We started shooting the breeze with the teller when the people behind us got upset and started making comments. We ended the conversation and started to leave. On my way out I was getting mouthy with the people in line (shocked, I know). They all stood feet taller than me... I had to look up to every last one of them. As I neared the door I planned to slam it on my way out... that would show them I was angry. I went to pull the door as hard as I could but it wouldn't close. There was a little girl holding the door open. As I moved closer to ask her to let go, my mom appeared from behind the door. People were no longer taller than I was... I was standing face to face with my mom. I immediately reached out and touched her face. I started exclaiming how I can't believe it's been so long and that I have missed her so much. She just stood there smiling at me. In the next instant she was gone. I crumpled to the floor sobbing, the full weight of her no longer being here crushing me into the ground.

I woke up with tears in my eyes.


chocolate hug said...

I read this yesterday and when I got to the end my eyes filled with tears. I couldn't get myself to leave a comment at the time. Sat. we went to my cousin's wedding. My Dad's cousins were there, it was the first time Id' really seen them since their son lost his awful battle with cancer. Even though it happened a few years ago, I totally lost it when we started talking about him. The mother said something very comforting to me at the end of the evening, something all parents need to hear, "Make sure you raise your children to love Jesus." Dear Dear strong Andy is in heaven with a perfect cancer free body, but we can't help but miss him and his fun adventurous spirit.

Your little post touched that part of me that still morns for Andy's family...and now I morn a little for you too...

in my prayers,


kathi said...

Hon, you break my heart. This was extremely touching, thanks for sharing.