Monday, August 18, 2008

Tea Anyone?

Rose's Bridal Shower was yesterday at Tea By Two in Bel Air. It was a bit of a hike to get there but a hour in the car without Chase... lets translate what that means to mommy: I can hear NPR... I don't have to sing John Jacob Jinglehiemer Smith over and over and over again... no reaching behind me to pick up whatever toy Chase deemed worthy of throwing out of the car seat... basically, a glorious road trip for mommy!

Unfortunately I had to take the tunnel (so said Garmin at least) and I am not a fan of traveling underwater... tunnels, submarine, scuba diving, you name... I don't like it. Every single time I ride through a tunnel, I have the feeling that it is crumbling behind me. I need to go faster and faster to outrun being swallowed by the water. Completely ridiculous and implausible but it's my fear.

I was a little worried about the party because most (re: all) of the girls are friends of Rose's from work. I was afraid of feeling like the outsider and having no one to talk to...

... yeah, not even a hint of that. From the moment I got there and met the girls, it was like I had known all of them for years. From left to right... Laura, me, Rose, Kara and In Sung.

It doesn't hurt that 4 of us have children within 3 months of each other... that definitely bonds you but truly, I don't think that would have mattered. They were all so nice and welcoming!

We were supposed to wear our best hats... as you can see Rose and Kara went with a southern flair and I went with a downtown blues feel ;~)

We had at least 4 different teas... which kept our guest of honor up all night... perhaps we should have switched to decaf at a certain point!

Yummy sandwiches...

...even yummier desserts!

Hey Kara... is that a meat grinder?

A present for the bride to be... and the husband to be!

What a gorgeous serving platter... the person who got that for you must have exquisite taste... or know how to shop off a registry.

Gorgeous decanter!

In typical Carrie Bradshaw fashion... whatever she wears becomes the style. Next year all the brides will be wearing crate and barrel wrapping!

It really was a lovely day. Not only did I walk away having celebrated a joyous occasion with Rose, I have walked away with 3 new friends!

Oh and Adam and I decided that I am going to the wedding. It's in FL and it isn't in the budget but while I was at the party, the thought of missing this just made me so sad. Rose and I have been through so much together and Nick is such a great guy... I just cannot imagine not being there. Of course it boiled down to money for Adam and I... with a one income family money is always at a premium. However, in a year from now, I know I will be kicking myself for not sucking it up and going. There are times when memories mean more than money and this is one of them.


AmyJean said...

With planning, anything is possible. I've started putting away 50/week into a savings for Ms. Kelleah's wedding next year, and I don't even know for sure where it will be (destination in the works). I know the whole budget issue as you know... and I feel that with enough planning - its all possible. Granted for you, you've got a handsome man to worry about, (oh and Adam too...;) ) which gives you at least one more hurdle than me...

BTW, Love the blue's hat!

KaraB said...

yep, it's a money struggle for me, too, but this is just something that's so worth it.

Oh, and loved this..."... no reaching behind me to pick up whatever toy Chase deemed worthy of throwing out of the car seat..." Um, yeah, and let me add, no reaching behind me to try and put a binky back in Claire's mouth when hers falls out and she's screaming. That takes dexterity! Moms are just so multi-talented!!!

kathi said...

You've got so much joy in your life, more blessed than can be counted by monetary measurement. The pictures are gorgeous, and I completely remember loving driving time to myself.

Greg, Laura & Victoria said...

It was great spending time with you at Rose's shower and I'm so glad I learned about your blog. I'm going to stalk it! It truly speaks the truth about motherhood!

Johnnie Avocado said...

Love the costumes!

Michelle said...

I'm glad you had such a nice time, I always enjoy meeting new people too...that's probably why I like this whole blog thing so much.

Y'all look so cute dressed in your hats!!

Caleb and Adrienne said...

The pictures of the food are making me hungry just looking at them. Maybe I should reconsider my lunch options today =0)

And the little desserts!! I want one!


Vicki said...

I too hate tunnels! If Garmin had told me to take it, I'd find a way to take the Key Bridge. (usually!) What a fun shower..I love tea rooms. Have a blast at the wedding!!!