Friday, August 29, 2008

Little Bro

Well technically he is my little bro in law but whatever. Anyway, a few months ago he got a job as an international flight attendant for Delta which means he gets paid to travel the world... not a bad deal!

I am so excited for him! I stole a few pictures from his Facebook profile to post here...

Notice the windshield wipers... and it must be said... this picture was taken with a digital camera similar to mine... no fancy long lens... no incredible zoom... just your typical point and shoot camera.

Same point and shoot... he is literally this close to wild lions.

Goofing off with the local giraffe!

How cool is that!

It seems like every other day Nick is telling us about the next place he is going. 3 days in Germany for a personal visit, flying to Johannesburg or Dakar or ping ponging all over the United States. So far he has racked up over 350 hours in the air, flown over 130 flights and logged over 150,000 miles which equals circumnavigating the earth 6.37 times.  

We can't wait to hear about the next adventure! 


Jessica Hansen said...

Hey Jess, I am so buying that camera that you told me about....Love the pictures

AmyJean said...

I want a fricking tiger too!!!

Rose said...

Um... what is that I'm feeling.... jealousy perhaps? I'm so happy for him - what a great experience!

KaraB said...

yeah, um, I'm going to Target today. Those are my travel plans. What a wonderful experience for him!!

KiKi said...

that sounds awesome i can't wait to travel