Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How do you celebrate your 10 month birthday?

At the zoo with mommy, Aunt C and Scooter of course!

Hanging out in the birds nest!

My little turtle!

Ride'm cowboy!

Chilling with the polar bears!

It was a lot of fun to be out and about in the sunshine... a nice change from the packing going on at home!

Chase is officially a 10 months old... double digits. It's insane how fast this is flying by.


KaraB said...

There is a new little baby at daycare...probably somewhere between 6 weeks and 3 months. Claire looks like a GIANT compared to little Andy. It kind of makes me sad :-( But they put him in the swing and she went over, pulled herself up by the swing and began to rock him...awww, my big girl :-)

I was just on the zoo Web site today thinking about taking Claire...looks like fun!!

kathi said...

I could look at this kid all day long, I love his smile! I can't believe how many teeth he has! I love them all, but the one on the saddle is my favorite! Love the zoo, in fact (shhhhhhh) my kids and I still go, it's one of Charlie's favorite places. Yeah, my hard rocker is such a softie...and he doesn't try to hide it. :)

AmyJean said...

Your beloved Chase convinced me to get an iphone... well actually it was your hubby, and i found him to be a little to apple friendly bias, but then when i remembered how cute Chase was, it gave his advice much more credibility that I ran out and bought one right then and there...

Happy 10 months Little Man, you get cuter and cuter with every day!