Monday, August 25, 2008

11 hours of sleep does an adult good as well

So the move has been interesting to say the least.

Rob, Victoria and Tim all came out to help Saturday morning (somehow I didn't get a picture of Rob... sorry man!). Luckily it was nice weather... not raining and not too hot.

Danielle stayed in to help with this.... mommy could help out with the actual move. Thank you so much Aunt Danielle!

Apparently us G's have about 22 feet of 'stuff' but we rented a 16 ft truck. We packed it as full as it would get and set off for Hagerstown. We decided that we would put Chase down for bed in the main house and the in laws could 'watch him'... then Adam and I would come back down with the truck, finish loading and drive back to Hagerstown.

Not quite how we pictured our first night out together in Hagerstown... although we did end up at the Starbucks (Hagerstown just got their first 2 this year!)

To us, this picture is worth a thousand words.

Lucky for us not only are the Guenther's service minded, they are night owls as well! They came out to help us finish loading at 10 o'clock! They are literally our 11th hour heroes!

Our sad empty Crofton apartment. I am still in disbelief that we no longer live there. It has been such a great place for the past 2.5 years. We had amazing neighbors, great holidays and it was where we first brought Chase home. I am excited about our new life but I am really going to miss this place.

We got back to Hagerstown around 12:45 and were ready to pass out. Just as we were laying down, Chase woke up. And when I say woke up, I mean woke up. He was screaming (I am sure the new digs didn't sit well with him) so we tried rocking him back to sleep... nope. We tried letting him cry a little... nope. We tried anything and everything we could think of but he was not having it. Finally we decided he would have to cry it out but we couldn't do it in the main house with Adam's parents sleeping... so around 3:00 in the morning Adam and I are shuffling his cottage crib from the main house back to the cottage and situating it in the hallway... then Adam drags our mattress from the main room into the bedroom (the cottage crib wouldn't fit in the through the doorway of the bedroom). By now it's 3:20ish, we are laying on a mattress directly on a hardwood floor and we have a screaming infant mere feet from us. I remember looking at my phone at 3:59 and he was still screaming... somewhere after 4 I fell asleep and/or Chase stopped screaming and fell asleep as well.

Sweet relief. Until 7:30. Chase is back up and ready to go... which is actually fine with us because he slept 1.5 hours longer than usual... we had visions of him waking up at 6 and only getting 1.5 hours of sleep... this way we at least got 3.

Sunday was a mess of unloading the rest of the truck... which I was useless because Chase was in such a bad mood he refused to be held by anyone or sit in any stationary object. He was on my hip for the better part of the day. A wonderful feeling that I will relish for all of my years but on this particular day... with lots to do and very little sleep... annoyed the carp out of me. Adam and his parents organized all the boxen... sending them in the direction they were supposed to go... organizing the basement (which now looks like a very tidy tornado hit it)... getting the cog put together (cog = craft, office, gym... ie spare room in the main house).

Needless to say, Adam and I were all about 'the routine' for Chase's bed time... those of you without kids... 'the routine' is the greatest thing on the face of the earth. It truly helps the baby figure out what is coming next and gets them geared up for sleeping. A good dinner at 5... a calming bath at 5:30... story time with daddy at 5:45... nursing with mommy at 6:10 and asleep in the crib at 6:30. We followed it to a T and sure enough, Chase was down for the count at 6:30. We chilled out in our bedroom/living room/hallway/kitchen... around 7 Chase started crying... Adam and I looked at each other with panic but stuck to our guns... he has to learn the pattern again. 5 minutes later, not a peep.

Want to fathom a guess how long Adam and I made it after that? Go ahead, guess.

7:30. We were both dead asleep by 7:30.

By God's grace, all 3 of us slept until 6:15 this morning. I haven't slept that long for years and boy did it feel good. We have spent the day leisurely putting stuff away and getting organized all the while maintaining Chase's nap schedule. Today has actually been a lot of fun and thank God Adam had the presence of mind to take the day off!

If anyone is interested in pictures of our new digs, I will be posting them in the next day or so!

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes! The newest Hagerstonian signing off!


AmyJean said...

YOU SURVIVED! Happy for y'all!

The Townleys said...

We miss you guys already! Hope you enjoy H-Town. ...abandoners... :-)

kathi said...

Oh my gosh...what troopers you are. You're so blessed to have had all that help, and still, what an ordeal.
Can't wait to see the pictures.
Oh, and Chase, my poor baby!!

KaraB said...

"The Routine"...I just bowed my head in silent homage. Yes, yes, the routine.

Welcome to Washington County!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you guys made it through the move! You are troopers! I've been thinking about you! Hope to see you soon. Love, Jaime

Michelle said...

Glad everything worked out. And how awesome that Chase slept so well Sunday night, so that y'all could get good rest too.

chocolate hug said...

No kidding! Chase slept the night? Wonderful.

Glad that you guys got all moved. What wonderful friends you have that are willing to help. Moving is one of my very least favorite things...I think that's because I moved about 12 times between the age 14 and 22. Totally sucked.

Keep that kid on his schedule and all will be well!


Matthew & Lynsey said...

Hi, Jessica. I went to college w/ Diane and we were in each other's wedding years ago. Di has caught me up about you two and I'm often a frequent blogstalker of other people linked on her blog site. My husband and mine's blog is listed there as well. We live in good 'ole Fred-neck (just 30 min. outside of Hagerstown) and have a Girl's Bible Study on Thursday nights and a Couple's Bible Study on Sundays. I thought I'd invite you guys since you all just moved and it's hard to meet new people/stay plugged in with fellowship. Leave a message on my blog if you're interested or Facebook me b/c I'd love to meet you guys once you get settled.

Our Girl's Group is all young marrieds and half of us have kids. Same with our Couple's Group.

Hope everything's going well and say hi when you have time :)

Johnnie Avocado said...

Great recap.....Moving is really tough on a family. It will take a while to "settle" in too. Good Luck! I want to see pics!