Monday, July 02, 2007

Ava Grace

Heather and I went to see Kristen and Ava Grace this past Sunday and let me tell you... man that little girl is gorgeous... just like a little doll! And Kristen! Wow, she looks amazing... one of those women that motherhood totally agrees with! So content and happy with her little bundle!

Here are a few pictures... (I may have taken up to +40 of them so count your blessings I only posted 4 ;~)

Ava and I (I am introducing her to Peabert very early on!)

Heather and Ava in the backyard...

Kristen enjoying some smiles from Ava (we will pretend they are intentional even though they are probably gas ;~)

And here is the little princess with her big brother, Olie in the background keeping a watchful eye.


kathi said...

Oh my goodness, she is beautiful! Look at all of you ooohhhin and aaawwwin over her, lol. Cute stuff of all of you.

Can't believe you buy into that myth about gas...since when did passing gas ever make you feel like laughing? :) It's a child's sweet spirit....that's what I believe it is and I'm sticking to it.

Michelle said...

I agree with Kathi about the smiles definitely not coming from gas. I always used to say that I thought my babies were seeing their angels around them. Who knows...but definitely not gas! :)

Oh, and by the way, the baby is gorgeous. I bet seeing her makes the anticipation of Peabert's arrival even greater!!