Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I hate effin real estate agents. Chase was sleeping for 40 minutes. I was in his room watching... he made it through the 30 minute cycle without waking. I thought we might actually make it... an hour of sleeping without waking! Until I hear a knock on my door. Luckily my dog is drugged so he could care less... otherwise he would have loudly notified me of someones presence (I don't think he understands the concept of the knock). I open the curtain and there is someone trying to open the keybox to show our apartment. WTF.... they are supposed to call me first and let me know they are sending someone. I open the door and clearly she realizes I am effin pissed... she asks if the office called... not unless they called within the last 10 minutes... to which they did. SERIOUSLY... 10 effin minutes. People COME ON. I have a 9 month old... who the hell thinks 10 minutes is enough time to say yes, come on in... tour my house... poke through my life.

It should go without saying, I did not let them in. I told them to come back in 30 - 40 minutes (I am not a complete witch... and I want the best for my landlord). Although at this point I thought Chase may have actually slept through the whole encounter. Nope, the minute I closed the door I heard him. I almost opened it again just to have someone to punch.

I am so angry I am literally shaking... which is probably why I couldn't get Chase back to sleep. Babies are nothing if not intuitive. I am trying to give myself time to calm down before I get Chase out of bed (he is currently grunting to himself)... I don't want him to feel this negative energy from me anymore. Hence the blogging so quickly about it.

Oh and please excuse the 'language' above... it took all that I had to use the colorful expressions I did... believe me when I say that is NOT what it sounded like in my head.


Jessica said...

I can totally relate...when we were selling our home..I had just gotten out of the shower and the freakin realtor wanted to show the house and we had just gotten home from the hospital after having needless to say I was not ready for anyone seeing me or the stinkin house...I to sent them away...I told them give me 24 hours before calling..ugh..I feel your pain girlfriend!!

The Townleys said...

Dude. We totally know the blank faced "What, no one called you yet?" the realtors give you when you answer the door soaking wet in a towel.
"Yes, of course they called. I just wanted to demonstrate how great the showers are here! C'mon in!"

kathi said...

Inconsiderate idiots.

asuthrngrl said...

just goes to show the complete lack of respect that people have for one another today. and boy, for those of us that have babies that don't sleep well....well dear all i can say is that i would have used the BAD words! LOL! same thing with people that leave menus in my door..just leave it there..NO NEED to knock and let me know...because, since you woke my kid up, i will not be ordering from you anyway!

Michelle said...

I would have felt the same effin way!! ;)

LoveLladro said...

all - love all your comments! i am glad to see that i am not alone!

for those of my faithful readers who are related to real estate agents... i was totally NOT lumping he/she in with the effin ones... i love your real estate agent ;~)