Monday, July 14, 2008

11.5 hours

Chase slept for 11.5 hours last night! There was one cry out at 5 but when I went in (very quietly) I found him still sleeping. Cue mommy to leave and catch a few more zzz's!

We are thrilled with the new sleeping habits at night! Tonight I put him down completely awake and only got a slight cry of protest. It is almost unreal how well his nights have been going.

Enter morning nap #1... he slept for 16 minutes. Unfortunately the naps have only been getting worse since we started this routine. 50, 30, 35, 24, 31 20... you get the idea. I am holding on to hope (by a thin thin thread) that once we have been in the routine for a few nights the naps will improve. Even with the nights going well, I really believe he needs to be sleeping more during the day. I actually need him to sleep more during the day so I can recharge while he does... if not, I ended up feeling way too exhausted at the end of the day.

I also want to say thank you to everyone who posted comments and advice! It felt great to know that you cared so much!


Nick & Rose said...

I'm so happy for you guys. I can't imagine how tired you must be. I have no adivce, but I'm keeping you in my thoughts.

Miss P3 aka AmyJean said...

You are an amazing mother and you two are amazing parents. I'm so happy for you. Little chase-y... oh what a joy!!! Kisses for him please!

Jenn said...

So glad to hear that your nights are going better. 11.5 hours is great! I can't wait until Ethan can do that. He only woke up once last night between 9pm and 5:30am, which is great for much better than every hour and a half! He's also sleeping in his crib at night and for naps...yay for progress!

Our next 'thing' is teach him how to fall asleep on his own, without being held. Ethan never learned how to fall asleep on his own because we always held him up to help his reflux (my book calls that "accidental parenting"....oops!). I know it's going to be difficult, but it will be so nice once we can finally put him in his crib awake and not have to pick him back up screaming 2 seconds later!

I totally feel your pain about the short naps. Ethan's naps today have been 20, 15, 15, and he's been asleep now for about 10 (we'll see how long it lasts) time to recharge with naps like that!

Sounds like you're doing a great job with Chase! He's such a cutie :-)

Michelle said...

Awesome!! Hope the napping schedule gets better soon though, just keep hanging in there!