Saturday, July 12, 2008

Aren't I

just the everyday poster now!

I guess that is what happens when you have your evenings free again! So update on the sleeping situation. Napping today was nothing short of a miracle and devastating... how is that for over dramatic!

Unbelievably when we put Chase down for his morning nap, he protested all of 8 minutes before complete silence. 8 minutes! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that would happen. My joy was cut short by him waking after only sleeping 36 minutes... we let him cry another 30 minutes in the hopes that he would cry himself back to sleep. He would have none of that. So up we got... with surprisingly a much happier baby. We played, we laughed, we joked, we were a family... then a little less than 2 hours later, little man went down for nap #2. Another 8 minutes and he was out. Oh my heart sings with joy! 30 minutes later, he is awake and crying. We test him with an hour of crying since we know he must still be tired... nope not having it. He wants up!

I want to stop here and explain why I think he must still be tired so people don't think I am imposing my preconceived notion of sleeping on his schedule. I gauge how well or long Chase has slept by his ability to wake up happy. Back in the days of good sleeping Adam and I could count on our baby waking us up at 7 every morning by cooing and talking to himself. I could count on little man cooing and talking once he got up from a healthy 2+ hour nap... if I could get him to take the nap in the first place! So... this waking up crying and upset just leads me to believe he is still not at the optimum sleep for him personally... however, we are on the right track!

We attempted a late afternoon nap but by this time I think he was so overtired from poor naps during the day that he literally cried the whole hour. We decided to forgo that nap and just shoot for a decent early bed time.

Score one for mommy and daddy! I put Chase in his crib at 7 in a semi awake state and he proceeded to whimper for the next 45 minutes... you can't even imagine how pathetic it sounded! When finally, silence! ONLY 45 MINUTES!!! I am so happy I could burst. I won't though because I am still tired. I apparently don't bounce back from lack of sleep like my little one does! I need a couple more good nights of sleep! I am so old!


chocolate hug said...

More wonderful news! Yay! you know I'm having the same trouble with Sam taking shorter naps and waking up CRANKY! I know what the problem is and unfortunately I can't easily fix it. Until recently every time Sam woke up, either from night time or napping he'd be screaming. Just this week he figured out in the mornings that all he has to do is make a little sound and I'll come get him (no more screaming!) That's when I realized that he probably was screaming because that's what worked. he never thought to try something else. On days when Nick isn't doing his day sleep thing I will let Sam cry it out when he wakes up early, but since they sleep in the same room at the same time I can't do that on days when Nick works. So Sam continues to think he can scream and get picked up, because he can. It's tough. Nick has three days off this week....which means I have four afternoons to get Sam back on track!

Keep waiting things out with Chase, he just needs to learn what to expect from you guys. You're doing the right thing!

kathi said...

Yay, good news!!

And regardless of what Johnnie Avacodo says, I do remember those days!! You are absolutely on the right track.

Johnnie Avocado said...

It's working......I know it. Keep it up....sounds like he is learning that when Mommy lays him down, it's time to relax. I remember a book or something once telling me that when babies wake up from sleeping, they don't realize that it's "okay" to go back to sleep.