Friday, July 11, 2008


For anyone that finds this particular line of posting boring, please tune out for a time. I feel compelled to blog about this process because... well see the title of this blog.

Last night was horrible. I don't mean 'it was like he was a newborn again' or 'he was up a lot'... I mean Chase hit a whole new spectrum of trying our patience. He went down at 8:30ish (which yes, is too late... I already learned that from HSHHC. We will try to start correcting that tonight ;~) He first woke at 1... husband took care of paci duty and he went back to sleep. Up at 3... ok fine, I will do what I always do and try to get some more shut eye (all the while planning to speed read the book so I can start doing something different!) Yeah, Chase was not having the old routine. He was up with a vengeance. I stood at the crib for a 1/2 hour attempting to lull him back to sleep. Then went back to our room so he would cry and tire himself out. 15 minute later, he is no more tired than a hopped up caffeine addict. So I pull him out of the crib and rock him. EVENTUALLY he falls asleep (mind you I fell asleep countless times!) and when I go to move... pop, eyes wide open. Yeah, even the fail safes aren't working anymore. So I had it, I physically could not hold him anymore so on his tummy he went and as predicted, he cried as I walked away (about 4:30 by now)... he cried until 5 when he kind of fell asleep. From 5 until 6 he made a couple noises but managed to stay down. Enter 6:17 when full on wailing starts. This was the mother of all cries but I had already decided that I would NOT get him until the alarm went off at 7. So for 43 minutes Adam and I laid there pretending we were sleeping (half pretending, half passing out) until that alarm went off.

As you can guess we had a half smiley, half irritable baby. We went about the normal routine... nurse, play, solids and then back down. I opted for a little earlier than 9 (theoretically 2 hours after awake) since he was obviously sleepy and oh yeah, had screamed for 45 minutes before getting out of bed. Well my little persistent gem proceeded to scream for at least 45 minutes straight... then it went to a whimper... then for a solid 15 minutes I thought during each minute, this is it... he fell asleep... only to hear another cry. After the hour of crying (which HSHHC says should be the max) I went in, put the paci in and stood there pretending to sleep on the side of the crib. After a few minutes he seemed to get more and more insistent towards me (uhh, manipulation much?) so I thought I better leave before this gets too out of hand. I leave, he cries... for about 15 minutes and you know what... he is sleeping now. Like eyes closed, no noise sleeping. Who knows how long it will last.... I have learned not to get my hopes up but at least for right now, it is silent (except for the continuous stream of lullaby songs in the background ;~)

My sincere hope is that tonight we will work on an earlier bed time and that will over time help with the night wakings and short naps. Prayers said, fingers crossed, salt over the shoulder, avoiding black cats, rubbing the rabbits foot, a frog in the house and any other form of good luck I can come up with.


Anonymous said...

Okay it's me again...NOW another thing that we had to do to get our little one to sleep was we hopped in the car and drove for hours til she fell asleep...I know gas prices are rising but it helped, than we just kept her in the car seat (strapped in of course) and just placed in the crib...try doing that or does he not like the car? Okay now I am on a mission to figure out how your baby will sleep!! =o)

Carrie and Scott said...

this is exactly what we went through with the T! I totally agree with and it is my motto for Tyler: 2 hours awake time= NAPTIME. And yes, sometimes it is a struggle...but bring the power game on. You decide when naptime begins and ends. Ultimately (doesn't happen every time) you want them to wake up cooing. During cry sessions (and they still happen sometimes) I would go in very briefly every 10 minutes of crying (for less than a minute) to show him I care, but then leave and start the timer again. After 90 minutes of him being in his crib I would start over. As far a nightime, we are struggling again for 8-6am because I spoiled him after some breaks in the routine. It's so hard because each day is different and once you find something that works they change on you again. Hang in there! It will work if you're consistent and be confident that this is the best thing for both you and Chase!

amy said...

IF this book WORKS, then I need it. Maybe Chase and Savannah are communicating telepathically to each other. "Our mommies don't need sleep, they need us! All the time!" The one good thing about no sleep is that you smile alot. Know why? Because you are delirious!

Anonymous said...

Please please please please call your pediatrician and tell him or her everything, including how YOU are feeling. This is what they are there for and can help the both of you get through this really tough time.

Prayers being sent your way.

chocolate hug said...

Oh man Jess! I've been following your saga and have been praying for you guys. You are doing GREAT keeping your wits about you! We went on a vacation for a week and I've spent almost a whole month trying to get Sam sleeping on his schedule again (it doesn't help that we live in a one bedroom apt. and my hubby works 3rd). The thing is, no matter what with Sam I have to be consistent. It's hard on those days that seem never to end. Nick and I had to decide how we were going to handle sleep training Sam in the beginning. It was good to have Nick on my side as some days I wanted to give in and on others Nick wanted to give in. The gas thing wasn't an issue for Sam after he was about 5 months old, that was a blessing for us. It was pretty terrible at first though!

Switching to formula sounds like a logical next step. If you want to do it and are worried about being able to afford it check out It's a program started by the government to help low income families (or as I like to think of us rather as a family getting on our feet :) It's been a great blessing to us. I love that our WIC office has a nutritionist on hand that I can talk to. I believe it's a national program. Anyway, look into it and drop me a line if you have any questions.

I am keeping you in my prayers.


LoveLladro said...

jess - he definitely sleeps in the car but we are trying to avoid that because he doesn't transfer well ;~)

carrie - amen about the once you figure it out, they change it on you! if something could be the same for more than a week i would be thrilled! i saw that you called as well... i will definitely return your call... we have just been so routine focused and then when he is sleeping i have to be quiet because the apartment is so small and he can be a light sleeper!

amy - it's working for us so far! tonight he only whimpered for 45 minutes (as opposed to the hour and 40 of screaming/whimpering last night!) i know i would recommend it!

anon - i was a couple steps away from calling again... if things didn't improve this weekend, i was going to seek her help. so far so good... having the hubby all weekend definitely helps with the process ;~)

diana - thanks for your prayers... we have definitely needed them. we are on the road to figuring this out so i don't think i will be switching to formula... if we do i will check out the wic program! it's nice to know you can have a baby in a one bedroom apartment because that is precisely what adam and i will be doing here shortly! i have been very worried but at least i know it's possible now!

Johnnie Avocado said...

Yeah...this sounds familiar. When Frodo was just a halfling, it was hard making the transition from rocking to the bed. I know you don't want to hear this, but you'll find things that work.

Do you have a nightlight or something on in his room? We found that Frodo like sleeping with a little light on...