Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day Party

The snow couldn't keep us from celebrating Valentine's Day with the kids... well it kind of could... it sure did try.

Originally the party was scheduled for Wednesday but with the impending snowstorm (#2 if you're keeping track) we decided to bump it up a day. Take that crappy snow!

Kari hosted the party for 8 adults, 8 - 2 year olds and 4 infants... as always it was loud chaotic and fun.

There are always shenanigans going on when we get together...

Sometimes I think the kids are the quieter part of the mix ;~)

The invite said "Valentine's Day themed food and boy did everyone deliver!

Trying to capture a bit of the insanity...

Kari even had a craft for the kids to do.

Chase took it very seriously...

And the finished product came out great! Later that day Chase gave it to Daddy and told him to "put it in his office"... which Daddy is sure to oblige ;~)

These days Chase remembers so much of what he hears and sees it amazes me.

He picked up this Mr. Potato Head stethoscope and said "this is kinda like Riley's conductor"... which if you need translation means "this is kind of like what Riley's doctor used". Not sure why everyone is a conductor but they are... the point is he remembered the doctor using it on Riley 4 days ago and for 10 seconds. Just another reminder that Chase is always watching and listening!

Chase is also very attached to 'babies' these days. No matter if it's an actual baby doll (pictured above with baby Stella), his teddy bears at home or the real live babies in our group. He's drawn to babies. It's so sweet to watch.

Thanks for hosting Kari... I am so glad we could get together before the next storm rolled in! See ya'll in spring!


dkamfam said...

Love the photos! It was a lot of fun. And the food was wonderful. I don't think I got good pics of that. And I was saying 10 kids, 4 babies, and 10 mommies. You say 8. I think it was 9? Whatever, it was crazy and fun!

Insung said...

Food looks so yummy! We haven't done anything but staying in the house today. What a lazy day!

Jessica said...

Looks like you guys had a great time:)...I was so sad that we had to miss it..but our roads weren't even cleared from the first storm :(Can't wait to see everyone again ;)