Sunday, February 14, 2010

A perfect Valentine's Day

What a lazy day... just what I wanted!

We woke up and promptly determined that we did not want to try a new church today. Yes I know, heathen central over here.

I couldn't stomach the thought of rushing to get out the door, attempting to keep Chase quiet through an entire service and inevitably end up out in the lobby while Chase explored every nook and cranny because he can't possibly sit still that long. Next week I will call on the in laws to help (they are the best babysitters in town!).

So we lazed about in the morning... and it was wonderful.

While putting Riley out back Adam decided to pull down one of our icicles...

As you can see it broke in 2 but holy icicle, that thing was huge!

Chase marveled at how much snow was on the deck and I marveled at how high it was compared to him!

After a wildly frustrating nap (sleep issues abound over here) Chase woke up to his Valentine's Day present!

New play doh!

Clearly our play doh needed to be replaced. Not only was it a nice shade of dirt brown, it was cracking and crumbling and just generally unpleasant to play with. Such as life with play doh!

Not only do we have more doh, we have some fancy new tools to use... although all Chase likes to do is "tut it up" with the "budder knife". I think he may be a chef one day.

My sweet valentine made me Apple Crisp with Gouda (all the ingredients just happened to be in the house [wink] [wink])

He must love me.

He also surprised me with flowers and a box of Russell Stover chocolates last night... again, he must love me. I am pretty sweet on him ;~)

In other news... I may have lost my mind.

I bought 12 different fabrics, 2 patterns, a zipper, 48 inches of boning and adjustable rings... and that was holding back. I didn't even step foot near the fleece section!

So here I am. I'm putting up my plans in hopes that I follow through with them... held accountable by the 8 people that read my blog.

I'll list the plans in order of the fabric...

1. Double sided cotton flannel baby blanket
2. Other side of #1
3. Tent structure to go over Chase's reading corner in his room
4. Other fabric to go with #3
5. Nursing cover
6. Nursing cover
7. Nursing cover
8. Nursing cover
9. Nursing cover
10. Nursing cover
11. Dress for me for the summer
12. Sleepy pants for me (that are long because I never find them long enough)

You may be wondering why so many nursing covers... I plan on putting them up on an etsy shop once I have them complete. I am scared like hell but I'm doing it anyway.

I am scared like hell to admit any of this on my blog.

Stupid accountability.

Wish me luck!


chocolate hug said...

My mother in law showed me a cool trick for reviving play doh! Just put a few drops of water in the container with the play doh when you pack it away. But don't get too overzealous! I put too much water in once and it... well...the outcome was a little um...a lot.. gooey.

Go for it with the Etsy shop! It's a GREAT idea!

everyday musings of a stay-at-home mom said...

Scary icicle!
I have all the confidence in the world that you will follow through with your plans to sell the nursing covers. Can't wait to see pics...especially of the reading tent. You left that one out yesterday on the phone...I wonder why? NOW I WANT ONE!!!! :)
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Very scary... Your Valentine's day sounds like a perfect one! And good luck with your new adventure. Hope you get to create a lot of nursing covers soon!

joy Binder said...

ah Jess I'm so excited to see how these sewing projects work out. etsy is amazing!! :)
I got a sewing machine for christmas but I haven't done a whole lot with it yet (sighhhh) .. i need a kick in the butt.
love and miss you!!