Friday, February 19, 2010

Rose and Josie come to visit!

Finally! We had scheduled a play date back on the 10th but you know... we got that little bit of snow which sidetracked our plans.

This beautiful little girl just sailed through a 2 hour ride from Baltimore to Hagerstown... yep, she's that awesome.

Every time I held Josie (which was whenever I could ;~) Chase would tell me "Mommy want sit on the floor" which is just his way of getting access to Josie.

Chase was immediately smitten with her.

I just love how Josie is looking up at her mommy... so precious!

This was the scene all day. Chase and Josie exchanging smiles.

I did my best to glam up our lunch. Italian bread with turkey or salami, cheese, avocado, diced olives and a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of oregano. Pretty yummy if I do say so myself! Were we in a bistro in Italy or my duplex in Hagerstown???... hard to tell.

We do what we can ;~)

Motherhood definitely suits Rose... she is wearing it (and Josie) well! And I love this look from Josie... something tells me the thumb wasn't the finger she wanted to point at me. I am a little like the paparazzi... sorry kid!

Unbelievably Chase and Josie napped at the exact same time... almost to the minute! Chase went down with no argument in his crib and Josie passed out on Rose's chest. Which meant an entire hour and a half of uninterrupted adult conversation between Rose and I... that right there folks is a miracle of epic proportions!

Did I mention she's a genius?

While Josie was reading, I was holding Chase upside down... yep, that's life with a boy! Also, I DO EXIST... and also, this might be my new favorite picture of us! Thanks Rose!

Yep... I think she's sick of the camera!

Chase is aces at sharing so naturally...

he had to share his tent!

Although Chase learned an important lesson. If you aren't careful...

your tent might get hijacked.

Although they were here for most of the day, it went by way too fast .

I had a great time seeing both of you! Thanks SO much for making the drive out here... I know it's a doozy!

PS. I SO want a Moby now!


Sandy (MIL) said...

I would loved to have seen Chase's face when he discovered Riley in his tent. That is so funny

Josie is adorable. It's so nice that the 4 of you got to spend such a wonderful day together -- at the Bistro.

SissyKristin said...

Oh that Josie is ADORABLE...I want to play with her, and I don't even know them! LOL Maybe an arranged marriage for those two cute kids in 20ish years?

I have no children and I want a Moby now too!

Jessica said...

Looks like a fun old is Josie?? Love the picture of you and Chase!