Friday, February 19, 2010

Making Cookies!

What better way to spend a morning than making and decorating sugar cookies!

Our 3 expert bakers... miraculously all looking in the general direction of the camera!

So as you can see, for all my desire to make and decorate cookies... I actually leave the work to my guests. I'm an impressive hostess, I know. Step back Martha.

3 two year olds all wanting to push a cookie cutter into dough at the same time is quite the scene. We (re: Bekah and Kari) did a good job on getting them to take turns.

And of course the decorating takes the utmost concentration. I bet this was how Picasso and Pollock started.


Thank you all so much for voting on the choice of fabric for my apron! It has been so much fun to see everyone pick their favorite(s)! I am going to leave it open for another day or two so if you haven't voted, head HERE and leave a comment!

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Jessica said...

What cute pics...looks like a lot of fun :). We would love to join you guys sometime :)