Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blizzard 2010 The Sequel

As if we hadn't seen enough snow, Mother Nature decided to drop another 18 inches on us!

It started Tuesday afternoon and continued into most of Wednesday... which meant snow day with Daddy!

Chase showing Bear the newly fallen snow.

Surveying the scene with Daddy.

Suiting up to shovel! When I first bought this snowsuit I wasn't sure it would get much use... little did I know. Best purchase ever.

Chase perfecting the art of catching snowflakes with his tongue.

Since the driveway was a mere 7 inches snow, unlike the 3 feet in the yard, Chase was much more adventurous.

He entertained himself by plowing through the snow with his snow boots.

We played "bury Chase and his shovel"... doesn't sound like fun but it was wildly popular around our house.

King of the snow hill!

Posing with our shovels... on our giant mound of snow. It's sure to last at least until April.

Just a little perspective on how high our mound of snow ended up... Adam is 6'3"!

Our Blizzard '10 Family Portrait

Adam digging out our heat pump... it was almost completely buried!

Back inside from all our shoveling fun. Chase sported those insanely red cheeks for at least an hour or so!

The front of the house was taken care of...

but Riley had some complaints about the backyard.

Lucky for Riley, Adam loves him. He dug out a path on our deck, cleared the steps and cleared a very large latrine area for Riley.

Although Riley didn't really spend a lot of time looking around and appreciating. It was out and in within a minute!

We've actually really been enjoying the snow. We aren't as stuck as some people so we don't feel trapped and even when we have been home bound, we've had fun just hanging out. I think the real appeal for us is that we probably won't see a storm like this for another 10 to 20 years. This really is something amazing and it's been fun to witness. Don't get me wrong... I'll praise the heavens when I see the first signs of spring peek through but for now, I'm just enjoying the snow.

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Insung said...

It is something I can enjoy too. We will all talk about this over and over!