Friday, February 12, 2010

Blizzard 2010 Part 2 of The Sequel

Finally the sun has peaked through! Let the melting begin!

More snow to shovel... guessing another 5 or so inches... who can even keep track ;~)

Good thing the other side of the Jeep didn't look like this! All we need is one side dug out... the 4 wheel drive does the rest!

Adam and I figured the in laws might need a hand digging out (and want to see a super cute toddler in an adorable snowsuit) so we headed over.

That snow would be about arm height on Chase!

Turns out Joe is super human and managed to keep on top of the snow... they were completely dug out!

So we just took a look around the house...

Admiring the gorgeous (and slightly scary) icicles.

I just love my in laws backyard... it's always beautiful but the snow coverage, it just blew me away. Love the table in the foreground... now that is some snow accumulation!

Then we decided to not let all this snow go to waste... time for some serious playing!

Well after the Grandpa and Bamma picture!

Packed snow on a road where no one is driving = perfect sledding conditions!

Daddy did a bit of a tuck and roll here. He may say it was on purpose but I think we all know better ;~)

Pulling Chase up and down the road.

Now Mommy's turn!

Even Bamma takes him for a spin!

I attempted to get Chase and Daddy going down the hill but it ended up more me just pulling them (and not well). Gravity didn't kick in like I thought it would!

One thing I can say about life with Adam... it will never be dull.

I love this guy!

I'm also pretty fond of this guy too!


The Townleys said...

I love the pics! Chase looks like such a big boy! Wish you guys were here!!!

everyday musings of a stay-at-home mom said...

Adam sure does love himself some snow, eh?

Anonymous said...

You guys rock. :)

Anonymous said...

Love your snow pics! All this snow has me wondering when we will see our grass again.