Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekend Recap

So as you all know... Friday didn't start off exactly stellar but once I got out of work and got home... things drastically improved.

It started off with Adam making a nice dinner for us... crab cakes with a homemade vegetable medley. Then the Townley's got their first pictures of Rockstar which really made their day which in turn made mine. It was really great seeing how moved they were to finally see pictures of their little one (which I am predicting is a girl!). Then the 4 of us spent the evening playing Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture Edition... boys vs. girls... which I am proud to say the girls won!

The weekend was pretty good as well... I met up with Jaime for coffee on Saturday morning and then Adam and I attempted to run errands but about halfway through I needed to come home and relax. It was 100 degrees out and my 'get it done attitude' was all but gone.

We did manage to get some stuff to fix up the nursery once we were home.

Since Peabert's closet is actually storage and has (literally) no room we have decided to utilize our bookshelves and baskets as storage for Peabert... but that leaves no clothes bar to hang his little church suits on. Enter Heather... she came up with a great idea and Adam implemented it this weekend... I give you ingenuity at its best:

Thanks to Heather for the brilliant idea!

Other nursery changes... cleaned (thoroughly) the new dresser and put away diapers, blankets and other odds and ends stuff. Also, we hung some gifts that I received from my brother-in-law from his multiple trips to Ukraine. Yeah... Peabert has a touch of culture!

We hung some of our birthday presents filled with pictures of friends and family near Peaberts crib.

We have been trying to explain the new arrival to Riley so he is not absolutely confused when the time comes but he is really only interested in sleeping in daddy's spot on the couch. Our dog definitely wins the most laid back award ever!

Lastly I submit my husband, who without fail always makes my life interesting... I don't think he quite grasps the concept of the Boppy. I love you sweetie!


kathi said...

That's a great idea your friend had! I'd never have thought of that, and the whole nursery is so adorable...right down to daddy wearing the boppy!! I'm so happy for y'all!

Anonymous said...

That's nothing, when I told my husband the boppy was used for breast feeding, he asked me how I was going to get that thing around my breast!