Sunday, August 05, 2007

It's been a great weekend

On Friday I came home to these:

Work has been particularly hard this week and Adam picked these up and surprised me! What a sweet hubby!

This is what a crib comes in... who knew it was to big for the back of a Jeep Grand Cherokee! We learned quickly how to secure this box on the skis of the roof rack and drive very carefully on the way home. Luckily we made it!

This is Adam in jail... never a dull moment around here!

And this is our final product! A place for our baby to sleep! It's so weird that it's getting so close! Hard to believe in a few short weeks we will be full fledged parents!

This is me practicing my domestic skills. I am attempting to perfect eggs over medium... not so much this time around... more like eggs over well done. Oh well, slightly higher heat next time.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow night because one of my bestest friends in the world, Christine, is coming over! We have been friends since we were 9 years old! You may remember an old post about us being pregnant at the same time and how excited I was about that. Unfortch Christine miscarried. After some healing and LOTS of time in prayer, God has blessed her and Greg with another little being. She is going for her first appointment next week and we are so thrilled! I love you girl and God does provide!


Johnnie Avocado said...

You guys are so cute. Isn't it fun getting ready for baby! ?

Michelle said...

Love the new crib, it is beautiful!! Glad that your friend was able to get pregnant again quickly. I will be praying that this pregnancy is full of nothing but excitement!!

kathi said...

Love all the pictures.

Yes, your hubby is so very sweet!!
And the crib, omgosh, it's gorgeous! It's like a sleigh bed crib, kind of antique like, it's absolutely beautiful! Love it, and I love the pic of you in the, hon, are simply adorable.

I'm glad Christine will be visiting and I'm joining with michelle in prayer for both of you to be blessed with healthy babies!!

LoveLladro said...

johnnie - thanks! it is fun preparing for the little one... hard to believe it is so close!

michelle - thanks! and thanks for the well wishes and prayer for christine!

kathi - thanks! i do my best to be adorable ;~) and thanks for the prayer for christine, she really appreciates both you and michelle!