Friday, August 24, 2007

August 24

Today is my mom's birthday. Do I say was my mom's birthday? She was still born on this day, dead or alive... Oh well, semantics.

I am trying really hard to have a good day... I very much believe that your days are what you make of them. You can be happy in the midst of frustrations and trials but today is really trying my patience.

I have already had Mr. Axmurderer flip me off and stare me down at a traffic light... I wasn't perfect in this exchange... although I did keep all offending fingers down but I did get exasperated with him and he saw that and was not so happy with me. Which leads me to be paranoid that he wrote down my tag numbers and will be lying in wait to kill me. I already have my news headlines written in my head. If Mr. Axmurderer doesn't kill me, this is a good opportunity for me to remember to keep my attitude in check no matter how slow or insane I think the person in the car next to me is. I am lucky he didn't pull out a shotgun and shoot me at the stoplight.

After talking to the husband who tried to reassure me that we would be fine I find out that starting today summer hours are over so I will be working until 5:30 with no chance of getting out early... ugh. Not uplifting at all.

Just not a great way to start out what was a 'veiled' day to begin with. I am trying really hard to keep my head up and be determined to have a good day in spite of all the obstacles... please pray for me. I need it today.

My mom would have been 56 today. She would kill me for telling the world that but it's my choice now!

Here are a couple pictures of mom and I:

Mom pregnant with me... I think I am carrying similar to her.

Our very early days.... hard to believe that soon I will be holding my child the same way she held me.

Mom and I in NY obviously before the towers came down.

This is purely for all of you out there... mom and I had a free portrait sitting so we got all dressed up and apparently played 'war of the highest hair'. I think I win in height but she wins in overall fluffiness. I just love this picture.

Mom and I on vacation in Bermuda

Mom and I at my wedding... halfway through the father/daughter dance Dad and I motioned for mom to come up and I finished the dance with her. I am really glad she was there for that day.

Man I miss her. Happy Birthday Mom.


kathi said...

Oh, baby girl. I'm wiping tears here.

The pictures are so wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing those with us, they're all precious. My favorite is the wedding dance.

Today is your mom's birthday, she lives in you and soon in Peabert. Celebrate her existance.

kathi said...

*existence, existence...hey, it's early, lol. Hugs.

TortfeasorG said...

overall fluffiness...

hi sweetie... it definitely has been a rough day for you so far... but you are dealing with it very well... we will have a relaxing evening tonight and a nice dinner (to be determined)...

Anonymous said...

I'm choking up here. Hang in there, the sun is starting to shine :) Love ya!! ~nan :)

Rob and Danielle said...

We love you. Happy birthday to your mom. She would be SO proud of you!

LoveLladro said...

kathi - sorry to make you cry ;~( i love that wedding dance picture too! and i totally forgive you on the existence... i probably wouldn't have realized it was spelled wrong!

adam - thanks sweetie... and dinner was fantastic! i couldn't ask for a better husband ;~)

nan - thanks! i saw the sun shining through our glass block windows... ahhh, basement life!

r and d - thanks guys! nice to know i have family right next door!