Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's my birthday!

Happy Birthday to me! Today I turn 29!

My friends however seem to have a hard time remembering this... Heather came over on Monday night and dropped off a card so I could open it on my birthday, Tuesday the 28th. Then I get to work on Tuesday, the 28th, and have an email from my friend Rose wishing me a Happy Birthday. Then I get a text message last night, Tuesday the 28th, just before midnight from Danielle saying that she is so sorry she missed my birthday and that she would be over today to apologize more.

That is, count them.... 3 close friends that got it wrong... but not only got it wrong, got it wrong on the same day. No one tops Christine though... I forget how old I was turning but one year I walked into Christine's house and from the end of the hall I hear Happy Birthday being sung at top volume. Sweet and lovely gesture... only it was July 29th... yeah, a whole month early. That memory will live in infamy! I love my friends ;~)

Anyway, today should be a good day. On the one hand I did wake up late so this morning was a little rushed but I am at work now and hopefully things will slow down a little.

On my lunch break I am picking up portraits that I took for a family last year and I am really excited to see how they turn out... one I had printed to put in Peaberts room because I was so happy with it. I will scan it at some point to show everyone.

Tonight Adam and I are going to dinner with Dad and Stacie. We are going to Bicycle for dinner and I am really looking forward to it... supposed to be very nice ;~) I am looking forward to spending time with my dad and Stacie since we are in the countdown of their time in MD. Hard to believe in less than a month they will be full fledged CA dwellers!

I have to say already... thanks to the hubby for serenading me this morning when we woke up. Happy Birthday never sounds so good as first thing in the morning when you are all bleary eyed ;~) Also, thanks to the hubby for volunteering to be on dog detail today so I don't have to be all stressed. He's a good man.


Carrie and Scott said...

Happy Birthday! It's even your GOLDEN Birthday! 29 on the 29th. I hope you have a great dinner out with the fam! I will never forget my golden birthday (26 on the 26th when you all came over for mexican fiesta night. Miss you!

kathi said...

Happy Birthday, sweet stuff!!

Danielle said...

Oh WHATEVER. At least you know we care.
Thanks for letting me sweat it out. Punk.