Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Out in the open!

Our friends the Townley's have done it... they have gone and announced that they are PREGNANT!!!
We have officially known since July 4th when a very flu like Danielle told us to expect a playmate for little Peabert! After some shouting and hugging, we hightailed it onto the deck because of the overwhelming smell of sausage... and thus began the morning sickness that overtook Danielle!
Seriously I could NOT be happier for you guys and I am so looking forward to having Rockstar next door!

I am looking forward to having all of our friends... Little Ava, Tyler Scott, Rockstar, baby CGT (see end of post that this links to), Shrimpee... so many babies! I love it!

Here's a picture that I have been dying to post...

Diane and I and our bellies are surrounding the newly preggers Danielle!


Rob and Danielle said...

Ahh, the last picture I will ever be the skinniest girl in. I'm going to need a copy. ;-)

kathi said...

It's like there is something in the water y'all serve at your get togethers...or God. Seriously, what are the chances? It's amazing and it's going to be so much fun (and support) for y'all, plus all these kids growing up knowing each other, like family. It's very cool. Praise God.

Anonymous said...

ok, so aparently if I want to get pregnant I need to drink your water or something :) what's the trick :) Seriously, that's awesome!!! I'm very happy for all of you!!

LoveLladro said...

danielle - before long you will have a belly like me!

kathi - crazy isn't it? it's been so much fun having other couples pregnant at the same time! bonus - christine and i have been planning to have babies at the same time since we were 9!

jaime - are you trying to give peabert a cousin?? come hang out with us... i think its catchy! oh, and i heard about the new toy! can't wait to see it!