Thursday, August 23, 2007

As long as I can remember

I have wanted to be a mom. This has been my greatest desire since before I have a memory. I grew up always wanting to be in the church nursery helping, babysitting anyone that would have me and basically hijacking any baby that was at any event. There is something that draws me to kids... babies specifically.

I think the reliance they have on us as adults is amazing. They have no capabilities on their own and we have to be their everything. I find that amazing.

I have also always dreamed of being pregnant. I really thought that I knew how great it would be and how much I was going to love it. My dreams and ideas don't even come close to this feeling. I couldn't have possibly known what a utterly wonderful and indescribable feeling this is. Peabert moves and kicks on such a regular basis now... he is really making his presence known. I had no idea how awe inspiring it would be to look down and physically see your belly move and know that you are carrying a piece of you and your best friend. I wish I could convey my amazement but it's impossible. If it were possible then I would have been fully prepared for this and I wouldn't have been surprised but I think that is the beauty of pregnancy. No one, not the most seasoned of mothers, can possibly explain or convey the joy and amazement this brings.

Ok, enough blathering... back to work!


Michelle said...

Your right. I felt the same way as you when I was growing up. I never really had any grand dreams of being a doctor or scientist, I wanted to be a mom. And also like you, I was not prepared for how much I loved being pregnant and watching my "trick" belly constantly amaze me.

Just wait until Peabert is just gets better!!!

Carrie and Scott said...

I couldn't have said it any better. My little trickster is starting to make me sea sick, but it so cool to see him move so much...can't figure out what body part it is though.