Monday, August 13, 2007

Month o Birthdays!

Here is Adam showing off his birthday gift from his awesome wife... I doubt he will ever run out of things to write on that shirt!

2 days later (Aug. 10) was Heather's birthday! Contrary to the picture, Heather is definitely older than 18... she actually turned 22!! She was able to get off work early on Friday and we had cake and played games with friends!

Oh and she opened a birthday present courtesy of her hubby in Iraq! About 24 days until he comes home! Wahoo!

Adam and I went to H-town to celebrate our birthdays and this is what we were greeted with! Everything on the table is for Adam and I except for the cat! Julio was just guarding the gifts until we were ready to open them! As you can see we were absolutely spoiled for our birthdays!!! We were basically outfitted with all new pots and pans, a couple new picture frames, sunglasses for me (Oakley's!), Everwood on DVD, Scrubs Season 5 on DVD, a new blanket to cuddle with baby on the couch, a new mug... I am sure I am forgetting stuff too! Needless to say it was a lot of fun and Adam and I feel VERY blessed!

Here we are with the parents... Sandy and Joe ~ Thanks again guys! We really appreciate everything!

Also, while we were in h-town we decided to go looking for a changing table/dresser for young Peabert's room... after seeing exactly what we were looking for Sandy mentioned that she had a dresser from Grammy's house that she wasn't quite sure what to do with... turns out it is the perfect height, has 4 great drawers and looks fantastic in the room! We cleaned it up and brought it home! So here, yet again, God has provided for us in unimaginable ways!

Stay tuned for Layla Bean's birthday (17th), Josh's birthday (26th) and my birthday (29th)! It's a busy month for birthday's on our block!


TortfeasorG said...

YAY~! Happy Birthday to pretty much all of the awesome people in the whole world!!!

kathi said...

Y'all are so blessed with great friends and family. It's the absolute best gifts of all, I'm so happy for you. Btw, sweetie, you look soooo cute in the pictures!

Rob and Danielle said...

heather looks like she's INSIDE the suitcase! I'm so sorry I missed that!

Christine said...

Love the dresser!