Monday, April 21, 2008

St Johns vs. Midshipmen

The story of Sunday. It was supposed to rain buckets... I mean downpour, thunder and lightening... the whole shebang. However, this man and this woman had a dream. They dreamed of dressing up, relaxing match side, sipping champagne and generally just being posh. Rain or shine they would watch the St. John students take on the Midshipmen in the epic battle of croquet.

Little did they know they would have an epic battle of their own. The tent was a wise idea... dry shelter to enjoy the game. They were told it would take 2 to set it up, they had 4... then they enlisted the help of 6 complete strangers. Fair trade good sirs... help up set up the tent and we will share our dry shelter with you and your fellow good sirs.

The tent was pitched and the food was laid out. Croquet was not the only sport that day... people watching was the sport to be played. Men in seersuckers, women in sun dresses and hats... oh the hats. These 2 are just a mere inkling of the hat revelry that ensued. I thought they were the cutest though.

The young couple that envisioned this great event had a child. Miss Anna Stuart... how would she do at such an event? Would she cry and fuss? Would she hate all this poshness and hoopla? Not when she met the baby whisper... Sarah. Sarah sat and loved on Miss Anna and Miss Anna loved the attention.

Families were brought together for good times and happy memories. Fathers and mothers relaxed on picnic blankets and babies enjoyed the attention.

And from his camping chair, the Godfather sat back and watched approvingly. If anyone dare step out of line, they dropped to one knee to kiss the Godfather's binky ring.

The day began and ended with a downpour but the middle was nothing but pure fun! Until next year mes amis!


The Townleys said...

Dang. When it comes to posting events, I'm going to have to up my game!

kathi said...

What fun!

The family portrait of y'all is the best! I know I'm partial, but that is the cutest kid ever! What personality he expresses!

andreawilliams said...

great post! i love the other post about going green :)