Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Scooter update

I am happy to report that Scooter is home with C and G! Sunday night his bilirubin number was 18 (which is very high) and C asked what it would have to be in order for them to be discharged. The nurse answered 13 but don't count on that... going from 18 to 13 is more than not likely... it doesn't happen. The very next foot prick... you guessed it, Scooter came in with a 13! They were discharged at 1 am and back at 10 am to get another foot prick. He is now trending downward and couldn't be happier. C was also able to hold her ground about breastfeeding and now that they are home in the calm environment, it is going beautifully. There's nothing like the noise and disruption of a hospital to stress a family out!

Thank you for all your prayers. I know without a shadow of a doubt they are what made the difference!


Vicki said...

Hooray! It's always great to hear good news. So glad for Christine & hubby & baby. Congrats to them!

kathi said...

That's great news!