Thursday, April 17, 2008

Going Green

Well it's official. Our family is going green. Ever since Chase came along I have felt the need to 'clean up' after myself environmentally speaking. Now that I have a handle on life again, I am putting my thoughts into action.

Some things we are doing around the house...
  • recycling... complete with the free bin they give out. And we recycle as much as we possibly can. They allow you to put paper and plastic in the same bin... 'One day, One bin' is the initiative. Worked on us.
  • turning off the water when brushing my teeth. It's so easy but for some reason I never did it. Do now.
  • use hand/dish towels instead of paper towels. Don't get me wrong, we still have the paper towels (they are dinner napkins for us!) but for drying of hands, wiping up water spills and underneath hand washed dishes, the towels do the job. Bonus *This will save us money!
  • using rechargeable batteries. Not only is this good for the environment but it saves us $$$ the baby items that require batteries suck the juice out of them so quickly!
Some things we are doing for the body...
  • As of right now little man will only be eating USDA Organic marked foods. Specifically we are starting with Earth's Best rice cereal and fruits (haven't started the fruits yet but they are on the next shopping list!) Before everyone starts preaching about not being able to keep this up and the fact that he's a kid and will want to eat stuff other than organic... yeah, I know. However, right now I am the one in charge and right now, it's all organic.
  • We already buy Laura's beef but I am going to look into other places that sell organic grain fed meats. I miss being right next to a Whole Foods. Yes the prices were a little higher but I worried way less about what I ate.
  • On the same note... I want to find somewhere to buy organic fruits and vegetables.
  • I switched Chase from Avent bottles to Born Free bottles which aren't made with BPA. I won't go into all the details here because 1. there is a lot to know about it and 2. I am still learning. Just google it sometime and you will get more information than you can imagine. And yes I know that there is always a study and something is always bad for us but if I look back in 30 years and could have prevented an illness, I want to know that I did everything I could.
This is only a little but you gotta start somewhere!

On another note... I found this interesting and wanted to share. The fam was out taking a walk (I will pause for a collective "awwww".... .... thank you) and we started talking to a neighbor. She asked if I was still staying at home with Chase... as opposed to talking to adults. I said yes and still really liking it. I mentioned that I manage to get out and spend time with friends but that went by without really sinking in. Instead she went on about getting bored and getting to a point where you know what comes on when... Oprah at 4. First and foremost... if I start watching Oprah, please slap me... hard. I pretty much hate Oprah and wish that she would disappear into oblivion. Secondly, I won't lie, I do tend to know what shows are on that I would watch at any given time but that doesn't mean I watch them. I am careful not to get sucked into the bon bon eating Peg lifestyle. If the TV is on during the day it is generally because I need some background noise... for me and for Chase (nice background noise really offsets the closing of a dryer door or the doing of dishes... the rooms are in VERY close proximity to one another). However, I am learning to rely more on the ipod and bose for that. Thirdly.... BORED, are you freaking kidding me? I have a to do list that goes everywhere with me and I'll be darned if I don't add 3 'to do's' for every 1 I get to take off. I will never ever be done with all that I want to do... housework, errand and crafts. My husband laughs anytime anyone asks me if I get bored... he knows better.

Here is a look at my current to do list.

Tshirt quilt
clean carpet
swim class for Chase
recipe book
dental insurance
pick up picture and negative from Severn Graphics
engagement ring fixed and cleaned
research Costco and BJ's
vacuum Jeep
check out high interest savings account
get shorts and pants tailored
make a gift for Rob
find out about baby dedication class
button holes in dishcloths
drop off old cell phones for donation

That list doesn't include
update the G's scrapbook
start and update Chase's scrapbook
Chase's first year quilt
sew unused receiving blankets to make picnic blanket

There are also a million other things that I think of on a minute by minute basis... all while raising a happy healthy God fearing little boy and being a loving supportive wife.

So 'bored'... nope, not me.


Christine said...

I love all the ways you are going green! We have started doing much of the same in our house. I love the born free bottles and will start making my own baby food from organic fruits and vegetables (much cheaper...can be frozen and last longer than little jars for 1.50 a pop). Speaking of...want to check out the farmers market some on Riva Road? I know you hate Oprah, but this Tues. for Earth day she is doing a special on how to go green (homemade cleansers that are non-toxic...things of the like). Also, seventh generation has clorine free diapers and wipes..did you know there is a link between chlorine and reproductive problems? ...or so they say.

TortfeasorG said...

woah! that's quite a post there darling!

well, we've actually been recycling more than we've been throwing away, or at least equal amounts...

jessi is a list fanatic... she'll do something that wasn't on the list, then put it on the list only to strike it out instantly!

write blog post - check

i have nightmares about those lists!

The Townleys said...

Dude. You are SUCH a slacker...go back to work already. hahaha.
Hey, I hope you guys enjoyed being whistled at while you talked to the new neighbor. The Townleys are nothing if not classy.

Carrie and Scott said...

hey..Tyler and I are starting swim classes soon excited! I agree...NOT BORED here much fun and accomplishment everyday! I LOVE IT!

kathi said...

You're so funny. The person who is bored either lives in a mess nest or has help. Where do you find the time to get bored? Geeze. My neighbor watches and records Oprah...I don't get it. But, people are different. When the boys were little, I knew when Barney, Sesame Street, The Lone Ranger, and The Power Rangers were on...Oprah, not so

I've always got a list going. One in my purse, one by the computer and one on the fridge. Actually, I have one in my bathroom too, because it seems that's when I remember most of what I'm needing.

The boys and I, but especially Charlie, have been 'green' for quite so time. Not that big of a deal once you get use to it, and most of the time, it's a money saver.

chocolate hug said...

Awesome! Those sound like good positive goals, and good things to teach your son. I also have made a bigger effort to recycle whenever I can. When I was growing up we had three garbages in our kitchen, each for different things. One was for food stuffs which we put in our compost. I miss that compost pile. One of my goals is that when we have our own house and a yard I'm going to grow an organic garden...a dream is that maybe I'll learn to can, but who knows if I'll have that kind of time! Another thing I've started doing is using wash clothes instead of wipes. It saves money AND the landfills!