Friday, April 25, 2008

I Finally Understand

what they mean when they say 'sleep like a baby'! Chase has been doing really well with the napping (knock on wood). He has currently been asleep since 9:30 am... no 45 minute waking, just straight sleeping! I LOVE it. I have time to shower, do my makeup, eat, put jewelry on, think about what I need to get at Target... all before he wakes up! Which in turn means when he gets up, he eats and we leave! And life works that much better!

So, in an effort to 'go green' we have made a few more changes...
  • I forgot to say that we use our own cloth bags instead of grocery store bags. I am learning to remember to bring them in each time. It's a little bulkier but well worth it!
  • I bought the starter kit for gdiapers. I am not sure how this will pan out... they will probably require some extra work (especially in the beginning) and they are definitely more expensive (not a great thing for the struggling family) but I think the good will outweigh the bad. They are extremely environmentally friendly which is my main concern. I didn't think I would care so much but every time I change Chase I think about that diaper cluttering a landfill and it makes me sick. I definitely cannot stomach cloth diapers... this seems like the best of both worlds. Fingers crossed. I have faith that if this is what we are supposed to be doing, God will provide the means for us to buy them. It may seem like a silly thing to have faith in... sue me. I think God is smiling.
  • I am shopping at Whole Foods more often now. The location isn't exactly convenient but when it comes to meat, fish, chicken, veggies and fruit... you really can't beat the quality. I am working on knowing what to buy where... for instance, all the above I buy from Whole Foods... baby food I buy from Target.... gdiaper refills, well I am still shopping around.
  • I am learning how to make my own household supplies. Weed killer, cleaning supplies, deoderizer. It's pretty amazing how cheaply this stuff can be made... I will let you know how well it works (I still have my skeptical hat on ;~)
Well... little man is still sleeping so I am going to take this opportunity to relax a bit! Adios!


kathi said...

What's gdiaper?

My mom use to tell me that you never appreciate your 'me time' until you have kids, and boy, was she right. It's still that way. Charlie at 17 seems to always need something from me when I'm in the shower or bathroom. Rarely fails. Be sitting next to him for hours and as soon as I have something personal to do, he has something that he has to ask me or needs from me. Kids. :)

LoveLladro said...

Kathi - I forgot to add the link originally... it's there now though! Basically it is a cloth diaper with a liner and in the liner goes a totally disposable (trash, toilet or compost) diaper. Pretty cool stuff... if it works the way I hope it does!!

Christine said...

Hey Jess~
I think there is an organic store called David's in your area...they are supposed to carry the Gdiapers...maybe cheaper than Whole Foods. Let me know how they work out...I am interested in switching!

Anonymous said...

I have been researching the GDiapers. Let me know how they work, leakage, etc. ~Jaime