Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You have a strange way of getting ready for bed

A joke around our house is that even when I say I am ready for bed, that means I have about 8 other things I need to do before bed actually happens. It can be a variety of things that need to be done depending on what occurred that evening or what is on my 'to do' list.

Last night Adam and I were getting ready for bed and as he was straightening the sheets, I was shredding receipts. Adam looks over and says "you have a strange way of getting ready for bed"... yes I do ;~)

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kathi said...

Darlin', I'm the same way. Sometimes I'll start getting ready for bed an hour early so I'll have a chance of getting to bed at a decent time. Doesn't always work, though. I always find something I think needs to be done.