Friday, September 21, 2007

They're off....

Adam and I saw Dad and Maverick off at the airport this morning! By the time Maverick needed to be at the airport, Stacie was already on her way to CA. We dropped Mav off (well it took an hour to get him checked in but whatever...) and then we headed to the airport to drop dad off. We ended up grabbing some breakfast in the terminal (you know, where they still allow those of us that aren't traveling!).

It is so bizarre to think that dad is gone for good now... he will now be a permanent resident of CA. Stacie will be back to finish out her job and make the arrangements for the movers and then she will join the CA ranks as well.

Saying goodbye to Mavy!

Awww, he has no idea what an airplane ride will be like!

The look on his face can only be described as apprehensive, poor little man.

Dad and I at the airport restaurant... and yes, the food is as bad as you think.

One last shot before dad heads through security! I love you dad!!!


TortfeasorG said...

Aww... Bye Paul!

vChat w/ u soon!

Paul Franceus said...

Love you too, Jess. It's going to be wierd, but fun.

kathi said...

Wow, hon. That's so tough. I know it's gonna be hard on both of you, but your dad knows he's leaving you in good hands with Adam. Bittersweet pictures.