Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Going Away Party

My Dad and Stacie's going away party was this weekend. It turned out to be a great party and I think everyone had a lot of fun. It was at Iggies in Baltimore where you BYOB and eat the worlds best pizza ever... seriously folks... awesome pizza, try it sometime!

Dad and Stacie with The Economist which just happened to have "Who's afraid of Google?" as the cover story... Adam and I couldn't pass up bringing it to the party!

Rose and Nick came to send my dad and Stacie off... Rose has basically been an extension of our family since college... holidays, living at the house, learning to cook from dad and many more memories to great to list here. BTW - doesn't she totally look glam... love your style girl!

I also got to see my lifelong family friends Vicki and Brooke. Our friendship started when I was 9 years old... Vicki had just had her first baby and agreed to watch me during the summers for my mom... years of that pass and then I in turn start babysitting for her family... as it got bigger and bigger with the addition of Jon, Joy and Josh. Not only are Vicki and Brooke like second parents to me but their kids are like my little brothers and sisters. I love their family... to which they have added one more... little Julia who is by far the cutest little pistol ever!

There were many other people there saying goodbye to dad and Stacie but I don't know many of them so I am not going to post their pictures ;~)

All in all it was a fun evening... a little surreal to think that dad and Stacie won't be around after this month... but exciting nonetheless. T minus less than 2 weeks ;~)

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kathi said...

Wow, the distance is gonna be hard. Make sure you have free long distance! Great pics, what a great party!