Friday, September 28, 2007

Ok... Kathi didn't actually tag me but I thought this was a cute idea so here's my post for Desktop View Tag. This picture is commonly known as 'freaky upside down dog' and is just one of the many pictures we have of Riley. As you can see my desktop is horribly unorganized... makes me cringe actually ;~) So unlike my normal life where I like to put everything in its place! Oh well ;~)

I am with Kathi... I don't tag but if you partake in this amusement... let me know and I will check it out!

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kathi said...

First, thanks for playing! Secondly, GEEZE, I'm speechless. Well, other than to say 'hon, folders !' I'm speechless, LOL. I'd like to know what some of those icons at the bottom are, you've got much cooler stuff than I do. Does all that stuff slow your puter down?
Again, thanks for playing.

Oh, I almost forgot...RILEY IS SO CUTE!! We are dog people, aren't we. Only my four cats out number my 3 I guess I'll answer to both 'animal person' and nut job. :)