Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Gotta love a long weekend

This could be one of the only long weekends in my existence where I didn't feel like it flew by. Don't get me wrong... I could use another day off but all in all... the past 3 days were very productive and relaxing (well for the most part, I will get into that later).

Adam and I spent time on Friday running errands... one of which included stopping at Michael's. When we pulled into the parking space we noticed that the woman next to us was getting out of her car and coming around to her passenger side and our drivers side... Adam looked down and she had a completely deflated tire. Adam steps out of the car and asks if she could use some help putting a spare on. Her face lit up and Adam got to work. As it turns out Myrna is very nice and was very grateful for us stopping to help. She invited us to a neighborhood barbecue that was happening on Saturday.

Saturday morning Adam and I went to celebrate his sponsors 29th year of sobriety... this guy has been sober since August 28, 1978... one day longer than I have been alive. He is quite the guy and it was nice to celebrate along with him!

In the afternoon we spent some time with Rob and Danielle... just hanging around the apartment chatting... which really meant a lot to me because the 3 of us (Adam, Danielle and I) have spent MANY hours doing that very thing but it was so cool to actually have Rob there in the mix and being a neighbor. At one point, I looked around at the 4 of us and just thought about how great it will be when he is finally home in MD for good. P Street isn't and won't be complete without him and Josh home.

Before we left for Merna's barbecue (yes we did go!) we made and dropped off tuna casserole for John and April, the latest couple in our bible study to have their baby! Little Dante Paul came into the world on August 21, 2007 and the new parents couldn't be more thrilled! Adam even got in a little practice since Peabert is not far behind!

Myrna's barbecue turned out to be quite the shindig... I mean it puts our little P Street friendships to shame! They had what looked to be 2 rows of townhouses involved... each of which was making food in some capacity: grilling, deep frying, smoking, ect... there was a moonbounce as tall as the houses, a DJ with fantastic music going and people were out dancing. It was quite the display of neighbors! We had a great time and enjoyed a lot of the extremely good food that was provided. Myrna can consider us paid back for changing her tire!

We got home and the neighbors came over to finish working on Josh's welcome home shirts. He is due to be home sometime on Thursday but as with the military we are just praying that they don't change it. Regardless, since we are all planning on going to get him from the airport (as many that can get there ;~) we decided that we needed t-shirts with his face plastered all over them. We finished the iron on pictures and proceeded to write things with puffy paint... yeah, he will be a tad embarrassed! Heather is beside herself with happiness that Josh will finally be home. Please pray that he gets home on time and safely! I will try to get a picture of everyone with their shirts on so I can post what they all ended up looking like!

Sunday for us saw a lot of rearranging furniture (this would be Adam and Rob forming a chain to push the China cabinet a foot over, it's a heavy piece of furniture!) and pulling down of our DVD shelves which left some pretty big holes which, since we are experts now, we spackled and sanded like pros ;~) Since we now had white patches on our beigeish wall, we pulled what we thought was the same color of paint from the storage unit and painted over them... yeah, not so much. The paint never ended up matching so off to Home Depot we go ;~) We will have newly painted walls most likely by this weekend.

We were supposed to have dinner with my dad and Stacie Sunday night but alas, he called me Sunday morning from the emergency room. As it turns out he has kidney stones and has them so bad that he landed in the hospital and has to have a procedure done. This has not been the best week for dad and Stacie so I am asking everyone to pray that things calm down a little around them and allow for some enjoyment and productivity when it comes to moving. So dad spent Sunday and Monday in the hospital.... they did the procedure on Tuesday and sent him home (thank goodness!). He still has follow up but hopefully he will just get better and better and he will be clear of this as quickly as possible.

Monday we planned a neighborhood breakfast which included Adam and I, Rob and Danielle, Heather, Laura and our other neighbors Tom and Danielle.... oh yeah, we are totally taking over the neighborhood with our crazy friendships. We all brought different foods (loved the Monkey Bread!) and cooked it at our house. It was really great to get together and eat a ton of food... breakfast literally lasted from 10 am to at least 2 ;~) Love to see Rob back in the Poang!

After breakfast was over, Adam and I went to visit dad in the hospital and then ran some errands... including getting paint for the living room!

All in all, a great weekend... just need to get dad healed up and back to his regularly scheduled life!

PS. sorry for the novel but a lot happened this weekend!!!


kathi said...

What a blessed life you have! Great hubby, great friends and a great time, even with strangers. I love reading about your life and you're so GOOD at providing pictures! I'm very thankful for you!

Michelle said...

Sounds like my kinda weekend... surrounded by friends and family.

Loved the pictures!!

LoveLladro said...

kathi - I think we have a blessed life too... of course I am constantly seeking out the blessings and trying to hand the troubles over to God... life seems to be happier that way ;~) Thanks for being so involved in my life... weird how we met but I love it... I always look forward to hearing from you ;~)

michelle - amen... friends and family are the best. nothing beats it! as for the pictures... Adam and I are affectionately known as 'the paparazzi' among our circles ;~)