Friday, September 07, 2007


A few (of the many) pictures from Josh's homecoming ;~)

Adam, Heather, Laura and I showing off the front of our Josh T-shirts

And the backs of the shirts say "Wife of...", "J", "O", "S", "H"

Heather and Josh reuniting for the first time in 4 months

Getting ready to go home!

The boys are back!

and of course... Josh being reunited with his little Layla Bean!

What a great experience that was... not that I would ever want someone to go through the pain of being apart for that long but if they have to... watching them reunite is the most heartwarming thing. I kept forgetting to take pictures because I was tearing up and so intent on watching Josh! I couldn't (and still can't) believe that he was home! It feels great to have him back safe and sound! Welcome home Josh!


kathi said...

Welcome home! What a story, wow.

The Townleys said...

Man, I'm so skinny you can't even tell that's me in the "H". hahaha

Michelle said...

I'm so glad that he got home safe and sound. We had a good friend return home from Iraq on Friday as well.

Welcome Home Josh!!!