Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekend Con't

Saturday we headed out on Uncle Jimmy's boat.

Adam and Chase started out like this...

Then switched to this for a better view.

Bamma came over to say hi and was greeted with this beautiful face...
Chase fast asleep. Apparently those life vests double as pillows!

He was so out that I was able to scoop him up and move back to a more comfortable position with him.
I never get tired of holding a sleeping baby.

Unfortunately Chase missed this action...
A few jet skiers spent about 20 minutes playing in our wake... entertainment all around!

The men of the boat... Uncle Jimmy, Chase and Adam ;~)

And the ladies of the boat... Aunt Vicky, me and Sandy ;~)

Family of 3 for just a bit longer ;~)

Once we were back home Adam and Chase headed for the 'pool' again.

Unfortunately they got pushed out by a thunderstorm rolling in. We had a good time watching and listening to it though.
Chase sat remarkably still and quiet for about 20 minutes... a real feat for him!

Just before bed we visited 'the pretty cars' in Uncle Jimmy's garage.
I was a nervous wreck with Chase playing on them but Jimmy is SO laid back... he was just delighting in how much fun Chase was having.

Chase driving Daddy around.

Sunday Adam, Chase and I got up early to head to Bay Area Community Church... a real treat in and of itself! I can't even begin to describe how great it felt to be back there. Pastor Greg saw us right before church started and was just overjoyed... it feels good to know that someone misses you that much.

The worship was nothing short of awesome. Adam and I have discovered that we really need a good worship service... it helps set the mood and really prepare your heart for the message. Precisely what I have been missing lately.

Then just listening to Greg was pure heaven. He is such a great speaker and he has this way of zoning in on the essential and applying it to everyday life. I can't possibly do him justice.

We were extremely lucky as this is his last service for 3 months (every seven years the pastor gets a 3 month sabbatical and next week starts his!)

We ran into many friends of ours including Pat and Kristen, who started the whole baby boom from our old bible study. They are now expecting baby #3... actually their baby #3 will be born before our baby #2!

I know I am gushing but it really was a treat to go to BACC... I only hope it happens again!

After church we headed to Uncle Jimmy's farm where Chase had a little fun on the fork lift...

Shortly after that we started the journey home. We were a little unnerved because we discovered our fan in the Jeep stopped blowing on Sat... which meant no cold air being pushed out on a 90°+ day for an hour and 45 minute ride home.

It wasn't looking pleasant at all. Luckily Greg spoke about contentment and not letting situations define your happiness... and here we had a good test!

Adam and I kept our calm and just decided to grin through it... which served us well. We didn't worry or fret about it and come to find out, if you are going 75mph, the air conditioning is somewhat forced through the vent. So as long as we were booking it on the way home (and Adam made sure we were), we felt cool!

And as always, this little guy fell out somewhere between here and there...

clutching Mommy's iPhone of course ;~)


SissyKristin said...

LOVE the pics!! Sounds like a super fun weekend and I'm jealous of your boating adventure... and Chase's naps to be honest! :-) Happy Summer!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! You gotta love coastal towns.

dkamfam said...

I seriously do not get how that kid just passes out on the boat like that. But good for him! Got some rest so he could enjoy the rest of the weekend! What a great weekend.