Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Police Tour

Today Chase and I (and 9 other mommies and babies) had the chance to tour our local police station! All thanks to this guy...
Officer Doug... aka Laura's Husband and Adam and Ryan's Daddy ;~) He's one of our finest here in Hagerstown!

Chase was in heaven seeing all the police cars.

The infamous line up shot... the bench had handcuffs but we decided not to use them ;~) Ironically this is the area where they hold juveniles... maybe just not this young.

Hanging out in the jail cell.

This might have been the highlight of the entire tour...
climbing through the police car. As you can see it's about as good as any jungle gym out there!

Yep... much prefer him in the drivers seat rather than the backseat ;~)

My boy and I.

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Laura said...

Glad you all had fun!