Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Fun

We are trying to enjoy the beautiful weather lately... although difficult when you are as tired as I am all the time.

Still... hanging out in the driveway with some chalk... that I can handle.
Our message to Daddy!

Favorite glasses bit the dust... who knew they couldn't support my weight...

Our family portrait... complete with lil bean ;~)

Coloring in his shapes.

Our neighbor was out and told us about a bunny nest he found the other day... so of course we came over to see!
It's hard to see but take my word for it... so stinkin precious! There were at least 3 that we could see but our neighbor thinks he saw a 4th one. They were all cuddled around each other sleeping blissfully!

And because it's been a while... a video!

In that last clip Adam handed him a 'flower' and Chase immediately turned around and brought it to me... I love this kid.

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Anonymous said...

I love him so much...

Aunt Becky